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Topic: New Free Bolder Granular GS download

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    New Free Bolder Granular GS download

    Hello All,
    I\'ve just posted another free Bolder Sounds \"Sound of the Week\" (S.O.W) for GigaStudio at the Bolder site listed below.
    Just follow the \"FREE STUFF\" link on the right side of the home page.
    It is called \"Granular Gardening\" which was created with some gardening implements. I\'ve also included the \"source files\" which are the original samples from which these were created.
    Be sure to read the .html docs so you will understand what kind of Giga programming was employed.

    And while you are there.... check out \"The Best of Bolder\" MP3s and documentation for GS if you have not yet done so.

    best wishes - Dennis @ Bolder

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    Re: New Free Bolder Granular GS download

    And in an unrelated related note, I just received the BOB CDs from Dennis yesterday. The variety is outstanding, and the quality first-rate, considering these are not 8-layer deep samples. A number of these are not available anywhere else that I\'m aware of (Monochord, Pub Pipes, the suspended slates and mediation bowls come initially to mind, plus some really cool textural elements. he even throws in a third CD, and audio compilation of the website demos.

    A great buy at $159, and Dennis has been very responsive to questions. A Dasher Best Buy (not quite the same thing as a Keyboard mag key Buy, but way better than a Cal Worthington recommendation!)


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