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Topic: What's up with this site?

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    What\'s up with this site?

    I can hardly ever get on.

    Anyone else?

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    Re: What\'s up with this site?

    I would estimate that I can access this site about once every 5 or 6 times I try. Very frustrating. Not sure where the problem lies, but there certainly is a problem.


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    Re: What\'s up with this site?

    Ditto! I sometimes have to go over to Worra\'s Place and go through his links section to get here.

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    Re: What\'s up with this site?

    Yesterday I could not reach northernsounds at all. Same during the NAMM-show weekend.

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    Re: What\'s up with this site?

    We apologize for the server difficulties. We have recently started experiencing some problems with our host server. They have indicated to us that they have been having some problems and are still investigating the source of these problems. In addition, they have told us that they have been upgrading their systems; this may also have caused some technical difficulties. We are just as upset about this interuption in service as you all are. We are in the process of setting up a mirror site to effectively deal with situations like this should they arise in the future. Please accept our apology once again. Thank you.
    Desound & Papachalk

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    Re: What\'s up with this site?

    Yeah I have problems getting on also , I keep getting that error page , I was wondering if it was my computer but I guess not.

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