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Topic: Big Band Arranging: Self Study or via a Teacher?

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    Big Band Arranging: Self Study or via a Teacher?

    I am considering taking big band arranging up again after doing this with a teacher 17 years ago for about 1 year (plus 1 year before that doing arrangements for sax quartet). He was actually a woodwind teacher as that was what I was taking lessons for but he had me do arranging as well to develop my ear. I wrote about 8 arrangements of jazz standards for big band.

    These were simple "old Basie stye" arrangements consisting of an arranged head, then solos with some simple riffs, and then back to the head and out to the coda. After I did an arrangement he would check it making any corrections etc, and then I would record it with a big band.

    Since then my main focus has been jazz improvisation, but now I am thinking about going back to doing some arranging as well. So I was wondering whether it would still be best to get a teacher, or go the self study route. I have also been considering taking online lessons but don't know of anyone giving one-on-one instruction over the web. I note the interactive arranging course on this site as well.


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    Re: Big Band Arranging: Self Study or via a Teacher?

    Check out "Dick Grove's School Without Walls" CAP program. It is a little expensive and takes some time, but I guarentee you will be a very good big band arranger and all around better musician.

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    Cool Re: Big Band Arranging: Self Study or via a Teacher?

    Quote Originally Posted by cisraels View Post

    Your own experience can be a hard teacher: first the test; then the lesson.

    Dear Chuck,

    this happened exactly 70 years ago, on September 13, 1938: Arranger's Workshop with Fletcher Henderson

    Great site here! I've learned a lot, just by browsing superficially. Will need a lot more time to figure out how it works. I will tell all my students how great this place is.

    And you're right: one needs some horns and a rhythm section for testing. I had a septet a long time ago, three saxes, one trumpet, piano, bass and drums. That's how I learned most: trial and error are the best teachers. Benny Golson once told me, when he was in Cologne, that he learned a lot from first listening very closely, then transcribing and then he started to write for two, three and more horns.

    Tadd Dameron, his major influence, could write for just three horns, making them sound like more.

    Thanks and best regards,


    Here the complete Blue Skies, as played on the same occasion.

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    Re: Big Band Arranging: Self Study or via a Teacher?

    These links are pretty dead to me! Maybe out of date?

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    Re: Big Band Arranging: Self Study or via a Teacher?

    It is somewhat costly and takes some time, however, I guarantee you will be a decent huge band arranger and all around Buy Essay Paper Online better artist.

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