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Topic: 9/11- email this and save the world!

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    9/11- email this and save the world!

    Remember this phrase:

    Did you know that the constitution states that it is your DUTY, as an American citizen, to dissolve a corrupt U.S. government?

    As American citizens, don’t we have the right to know what the U.S.’s basic world plan is?

    The U.S. has been planning the invasion of Afghanistan for years.

    1. 1991-1997 – Major U.S. oil companies including ExxonMobil, Texaco, Unocal, BP Amoco and Shell directly invest almost $3 billion in cash bribing heads of state in Kazakhstan to secure equity rights in the huge oil reserves in these regions. The oil companies further commit to future direct investments in Kazakhstan of $35 billion. Not being willing to pay exorbitant prices to Russia to use Russian pipelines the major oil companies have no way to recoup their investments. [Sources Testimony before the House International Relations Committee 2/12/98]

    2. December 4, 1997 – Representatives of the Taliban are invited guests to the Texas headquarters of Unocal to negotiate their support for the pipeline. Subsequent reports will indicate that the negotiations failed, allegedly because the Taliban wanted too much money. [Source: The BBC, Dec. 4, 1997]

    3. February 12, 1998 – Unocal Vice President John J. Maresca – later to become a Special Ambassador to Afghanistan – testifies before the House that until a single, unified, friendly government is in place in Afghanistan the trans-Afghani pipeline needed to monetize the oil will not be built. [Source: Testimony before the House International Relations Committee.]

    4. April, 1999 - Enron with a $3 billion investment to build an electrical generating plant at Dabhol India loses access to plentiful LNG supplies from Qatar to fuel the plant. Its only remaining option to make the investment profitable is a trans-Afghani gas pipeline to be built by Unocal from Turkmenistan that would terminate near the Indian border at the city of Multan. [Source: The Albion Monitor, Feb. 28, 2002.]

    5. June 26, 2001 – The magazine indiareacts.com states that “India and Iran will ‘facilitate’ US and Russian plans for ‘limited military action’ against the Taliban.” The story indicates that the fighting will be done by US and Russian troops with the help of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. [Source: indiareacts.com, June 26, 2001.]

    6. July, 2001 – Three American officials: Tom Simmons (former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia), meet with Pakistani and Russian intelligence officers in Berlin and tell them that the U.S. is planning military strikes against Afghanistan in October. A French book released in November, “Bin Laden - La Verite´ Interdite,” discloses that Taliban representatives often sat in on the meetings. British papers confirm that the Pakistani ISI relayed the threats to the Taliban. [Source: The Guardian, September 22, 2001; the BBC, September 18, 2001.The Inter Press Service, Nov 16, 2001]

    7. September 1-10, 2001 – In an exercise, Operation “Swift Sword” planned for four years, 23, 000 British troops are steaming toward Oman. Although the 9/11 attacks caused a hiccup in the deployment the massive operation was implemented as planned. At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time, some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation “Bright Star.” All of these forces are in place before the first plane hits the World Trade Center. [Sources: The Guardian, CNN, FOX, The Observer, International Law Professor Francis Boyle, the University of Illinois.]

    The U.S needs to get rid of the Taliban, but getting the support of the American people for YET ANOTHER war will be difficult.

    SOLUTION: Provoke a terrorist attack. Let it succeed and you have all the support you need, and new found powers to boot. Get rid of the Taliban and appoint a former Unocal employee as Prime Minister of Afghanistan. Begin construction of the pipeline.

    8. October 10, 2001 – The Pakistani newspaper The Frontier Post reports that U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain has paid a call on the Pakistani oil minister. A previously abandoned Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan, to the Pakistani coast, for the purpose of selling oil and gas to China, is now back on the table “in view of recent geopolitical developments.”

    9. February 9, 2002 – Pakistani leader General Musharraf and Afghan leader Hamid Karzai announce their agreement to “cooperate in all spheres of activity” including the proposed Central Asian pipeline. Pakistan will give $10 million to Afghanistan to help pay Afghani government workers. [Source: The Irish Times, 2/9/02]

    10. December 25, 2001 – Newly appointed afghani Prime Minister Hamid Karzai is revealed as being a former paid consultant for Unocal. [Source: Le Monde.]

    11. January 3, 2002 – President Bush appoints Zalamy Khalilzad as a special envoy to Afghanistan. Khalilzad, a former employee of Unocal, also wrote op-eds in the Washington Post in 1997 supporting the Taliban regime. [Source: Pravda, 1/9/02]

    So now you have the motive for our government to allow these attacks to happen.

    Our government has a long tradition of dealing with anybody who will help to advance our cause. Terrorists are only labeled so, when they don’t play by our rules. The CIA must regularly deal with terrorists in order to function.

    12. 1998 - The CIA ignores warnings from Case Officer Robert Baer that Saudi Arabia was harboring an al-Q’aeda cell led by two known terrorists. A more detailed list of known terrorists is offered to Saudi intelligence in August 2001 and refused. [Source: Financial Times 1/12/01; See No Evil by a book by Robert Baer (release date Feb. 2002).

    13. Feb 13, 2001 – UPI Terrorism Correspondent Richard Sale – while covering a trial of bin Laden’s Al Q’aeda followers - reports that the National Security Agency has broken bin Laden’s encrypted communications. Even if this indicates that bin Laden changed systems in February it does not mesh with the fact that the government insists that the attacks had been planned for years.

    14. December 4, 2001 – Convicted drug lord and opium kingpin Ayub Afridi is recruited by the US government to help establish control in Afghanistan by unifying various Pashtun warlords. The former opium smuggler who was one of the CIA’s leading assets in the war against the Russians is released from prison in order to do this. [Source: The Asia Times Online, 12/4/01].

    Bush Family Bin Laden – A HISTORY

    FACT: In the days following 9/11 one and only one commercial jet was allowed to fly in U.S. airspace, picking up family members. – The Bin laden family jet. The FBI protested because the Bin ladens were wanted for questioning, but George W. gave a direct order. SOURCE: The New Yorker 10/12/01.

    15. 1998 and 2000 - Former President George H.W. Bush travels to Saudi Arabia on behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the U.S. While there he meets privately with the Saudi royal family and the bin Laden family. [Source: Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27, 2001. See also FTW, Vol. IV, No 7 – “The Best Enemies Money Can Buy,”
    - http://www.fromthewilderness.com/members
    /carlyle.html. ]

    FACT: The Carlyle group got some FAT contacts as a result of 9/11. This meant big profits for the Bush and the Bin Laden families (2 of the larger stock holders).

    16. January, 2001 – The Bush Administration orders the FBI and intelligence agencies to “back off” investigations involving the bin Laden family, including two of Osama bin Laden’s relatives (Abdullah and Omar) who were living in Falls Church, VA – right next to CIA headquarters. This followed previous orders dating back to 1996, frustrating efforts to investigate the bin Laden family. [Source: BBC Newsnight, Correspondent Gregg Palast – Nov 7, 2001].

    17. July 4-14, 2001 – Osama bin Laden receives treatments for kidney disease at the American hospital in Dubai and meets with a CIA official who returns to CIA headquarters on July 15th. “Throughout his stay in the hospital, Osama Bin Laden received visits from many family members and Saudi Arabian Emirate personalities of status. During this time the local representative of the CIA was seen by many people taking the elevator and going to bin Laden’s room.

    “Several days later the CIA officer bragged to his friends about having visited the Saudi millionaire. From authoritative sources, this CIA agent visited CIA headquarters on July 15th, the day after bin Laden’s departure for Quetta…

    “According to various Arab diplomatic sources and French intelligence itself, precise information was communicated to the CIA concerning terrorist attacks aimed at American interests in the world, including its own territory.”…

    “Extremely bothered, they [American intelligence officers in a meeting with French intelligence officers] requested from their French peers exact details about the Algerian activists [connected to bin Laden through Dubai banking institutions], without explaining the exact nature of their inquiry. When asked the question, “What do you fear in the coming days?’ the Americans responded with incomprehensible silence.”…

    “On further investigation, the FBI discovered certain plans that had been put together between the CIA and its “Islamic friends” over the years. The meeting in Dubai is, so it would seem, consistent with ‘a certain American policy.’”

    Even though Le Figaro reported that it had confirmed with hospital staff that bin Laden had been there as reported, stories printed on November 1 contained quotes from hospital staff that these reports were untrue. On November 1, as reported by the Ananova press agency, the CIA flatly denied that any meeting between any CIA personnel and Osama bin Laden at any time.
    [Source: Le Figaro, October 31st, 2001.]

    Also, if Osama is jumping from cave to cave and training terrorists, does he take his dialysis machine with him wherever he goes?

    9/11 THE HORRIBLE TRUTH - timeline

    18. June 2001 – German intelligence, the BND, warns the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists are “planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.” [Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 14, 2001.]

    19. Summer 2001 – An Iranian man phones U.S. law enforcement to warn of an imminent attack on the World Trade Center in the week of September 9th. German police confirm the calls but state that the U.S. Secret Service would not reveal any further information. [Source: German news agency “online.de”, September 14, 2001, translation retrieved from online.ie in Ireland.]

    20. August 2001 – The FBI arrests an Islamic militant linked to bin Laden in Boston. French intelligence sources confirm that the man is a key member of bin Laden’s network and the FBI learns that he has been taking flying lessons. At the time of his arrest the man is in possession of technical information on Boeing aircraft and flight manuals. [Source: Reuters, September 13.]

    21. August 11 or 12 – US Navy Lt. Delmart “Mike” Vreeland, jailed in Toronto on U.S. fraud charges and claiming to be an officer in U.S. Naval intelligence, writes details of the pending WTC attacks and seals them in an envelope which he gives to Canadian authorities. [Source: The Toronto Star, Oct. 23, 2001; Toronto Superior Court Records]

    22. Summer 2001 – Russian intelligence notifies the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots have been specifically training for suicide missions. This is reported in the Russian press and news stories are translated for FTW by a retired CIA officer.

    23. August 2001 – Russian President Vladimir Putin orders Russian intelligence to warn the U.S. government “in the strongest possible terms” of imminent attacks on airports and government buildings. [Source: MS-NBC interview with Putin, September 15.]

    24. August/September, 2001 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops nearly 900 points in the three weeks prior to the attack. A major stock market crash is imminent.

    25. Sept. 3-10, 2001 – MS-NBC reports on September 16 that a caller to a Cayman Islands radio talk show gave several warnings of an imminent attack on the U.S. by bin Laden in the week prior to 9/11.

    26. September 1-10, 2001 – In an exercise, Operation “Swift Sword” planned for four years, 23, 000 British troops are steaming toward Oman. Although the 9/11 attacks caused a hiccup in the deployment the massive operation was implemented as planned. At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time, some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation “Bright Star.” All of these forces are in place before the first plane hits the World Trade Center. [Sources: The Guardian, CNN, FOX, The Observer, International Law Professor Francis Boyle, the University of Illinois.]

    27. September 7, 2001 – Florida Governor Jeb Bush signs a two-year emergency executive order (01-261) making new provisions for the Florida National Guard to assist law enforcement and emergency-management personnel in the event of large civil disturbances, disaster or acts of terrorism. [Source: State of Florida web site listing of Governor’s Executive Orders.]

    28. September 6-7, 2001 – 4,744 put options (a speculation that the stock will go down) are purchased on United Air Lines stock as opposed to only 396 call options (speculation that the stock will go up). This is a dramatic and abnormal increase in sales of put options. Many of the UAL puts are purchased through Deutschebank/AB Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the current Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard. [Source: The Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism, http://www.ict.org.il/, September 21; The New York Times; The Wall Street Journal.]

    29. September 10, 2001 - 4,516 put options are purchased on American Airlines as compared to 748 call options. [Source: ICT – above]

    30. September 6-11, 2001 - No other airlines show any similar trading patterns to those experienced by UAL and American. The put option purchases on both airlines were 600% above normal. This at a time when Reuters (September 10) issues a business report stating, “Airline stocks may be poised to take off.”

    31. September 6-10, 2001 – Highly abnormal levels of put options are purchased in Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re(insurance) which owns 25% of American Airlines, and Munich Re. All of these companies are directly impacted by the September 11 attacks. [Source: ICT, above; FTW, Vol. IV, No.7, October 18, 2001, http://www.fromthewilderness.com/members/
    oct152001.html. ]

    32. It has been documented that the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and many other intelligence agencies monitor stock trading in real time using highly advanced programs reported to be descended from Promis software. This is to alert national intelligence services of just such kinds of attacks. Promis was reported, as recently as June, 2001 to be in Osama bin Laden’s possession and, as a result of recent stories by FOX, both the FBI and the Justice Department have confirmed its use for U.S. intelligence gathering through at least this summer. This would confirm that CIA had additional advance warning of imminent attacks. [Sources: The Washington Times, June 15, 2001; FOX News, October 16, 2001; FTW, October 26, 2001, - http://www.fromthewilderness.com/members/
    magic_carpet.html; FTW, Vol. IV, No.6, Sept. 18, 2001 - http://www.fromthewilderness.com/members/
    sept1801.html; FTW, Vol. 3, No 7, 9/30/00 - www.copvcia.com/stories/

    33. September 11, 2001 – Gen Mahmud of the ISI (see above), friend of Mohammed Atta, is visiting Washington on behalf of the Taliban. [Source: MS-NBC, Oct. 7.]

    34. September 11, 2001 – Employees of Odigo, Inc. in Israel, one of the world’s largest instant messaging companies, with offices in New York, receive threat warnings of an imminent attack on the WTC less than two hours before the first plane hits the WTC. Law enforcement authorities have gone silent about any investigation of this. The Odigo Research and Development offices in Israel are located in the city of Herzliyya, a ritzy suburb of Tel Aviv which is the same location as the Institute for Counter Terrorism which breaks early details of insider trading on 9-11. [Source: CNN’s Daniel Sieberg, 9/28/01; Newsbytes, Brian McWilliams, 9/27/01; Ha’aretz, 9/26/01.].

    35. September 11, 2001 - For 50 minutes, from 8:15 AM until 9:05 AM, with it widely known within the FAA and the military that four planes have been simultaneously hijacked and taken off course, no one notifies the President of the United States. It is not until 9:30 that any Air Force planes are scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling aircraft, even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had occurred – an event that has never happened in history. [Sources: CNN, ABC, MS-NBC, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times.]

    THIS IS A BIG ONE FOLKS! Protocol was ignored and we had a massive failure in our defense system. No jets were launched immediately as required by U.S. protocol. This is the first thing that is done, even before notifying the president. It was not done. Cheney lied on CNN and said we didn’t have any jets in the air. The next day he corrected himself and said the jets were too far away. Don’t we deserve to know what happened?

    36. September 13, 2001 – China is admitted to the World Trade Organization quickly, after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts. [Source: The New York Times, Sept. 30, 2001.]

    37. September 14, 2001 – Canadian jailers open the sealed envelope from Mike Vreeland in Toronto and see that is describes attacks against the WTC and Pentagon. The U.S. Navy subsequently states that Vreeland was discharged as a seaman in 1986 for unsatisfactory performance and has never worked in intelligence. [Source: The Toronto Star, Oct. 23, 2001; Toronto Superior Court records]

    38. September 15, 2001 – The New York Times reports that Mayo Shattuck III has resigned, effective immediately, as head of the Alex (A.B) Brown unit of Deutschebank.

    39. September 29, 2001 – The San Francisco Chronicle reports that $2.5 million in put options on American Airlines and United Airlines are unclaimed. This is likely the result of the suspension in trading on the NYSE after the attacks which gave the Securities and Exchange Commission time to be waiting when the owners showed up to redeem their put options.

    40. January 10, 2002 – In a call from a speaker phone in open court, attorneys for “Mike” Vreeland call the Pentagon’s switchboard operator who confirms that Vreeland is indeed a Naval Lieutenant on active duty. She provides an office number and a direct dial phone extension to his office in the Pentagon. [Source: Attorney Rocco Galati; court records Toronto Superior Court.]

    SUMMARY: The CIA clearly had knowledge of the attacks. This administration purposely allowed the attacks, to advance their agenda. They have done everything in their power to silence you. “You’re either with us or against us.” They want you to be afraid. Do not be silent! At the very least, some questions need to be answered. This story is being reported around the world, but not in America. The US press has been hijacked, democracy is fading. Time to act and be patriotic. These questions can be answered without posing a security risk.

    Questions for the White House or your congress person or senator?
    (OPINION: A politician that doesn’t want to get to the bottom of this is, should not get your vote.)

    US Capitol switchboard 202-224-3121

    1. How could such a massive failure in the Department of Defense have happened, when the US was repeatedly warned about the attacks and many in the stock market knew of the attacks?

    2. What happened to our defense protocol on 9/11 and what was the chain of command?

    3. Why wasn\'t George W. notified until 45 minutes after the attack?

    4. Why did **** Cheney lie on National TV about the fighter planes that we had in the air?

    5. How could they let the second plane crash into tower #2, when there was ample time to launch some jets and shoot it down?

    6. Why was the American public not notified that we were planning to attack Afganistan anyway, well before the attacks happened, in order to secure the building of our oil pipeline?

    7. What is our governments relationship to the Bin Laden family?

    8. Why was the Bin Laden family jet allowed to fly in the US, immediately following the attacks, when no other plane was in the air?

    9. Why hasn\'t the CIA followed up numerous reports that Osama met with members of his family recently?

    10. Are the stock irregularities being investigated?

    11. Mr. President, can you please recount to us, what happened on the morning of 9/11? What and when were you told about the attacks and what did you do about it? Did you act immediately? Did you investigate this massive military and intelligence failure? Do you care? Are you from the planet Zreeedkklsq?


    EMAIL ME TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t deprive your friends of the truth!!!!!!!!





    Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    Very heavy !!!
    Just wondering what would be the most effective means to verify those sources listed, without ordering back issues of those publications ?

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    Hey Nick - When it\'s all said and done I applaud you for getting out the word on these important things, even though I really come to this site to try to tune up my GigaStudio skills. I do think that Mike Ruppert is a credible, serious, incredibly brave guy (who I\'ve been following, including his website www.copvcia.com, for several years now) and my one criticism of your big posts on this is that you should really credit Ruppert more fully right up front as your source. This is really 100% his research that you\'re posting. Not that you\'re covering that up either, but I think you could just make that a little clearer.

    What gives me the chills is the fact that virtually NONE of the alternative press in this country - I\'m thinking Matt Drudge now, if he\'s still \"alternative\" - will touch this important, verifiable info with a ten-foot pole. You\'d think that Drudge would at least be ALL OVER the Vreeland story, for example, like white on rice! I mean Vreeland, obviously a US intelligence operative, only wrote down on paper what was gonna happen three weeks beforehand! And it was all being heard in an open legitimate courtroom (in Canada) under oath every DAY for several weeks for the press to follow a month or so ago. And we got SILENCE in nearly ALL of the press, across the board. Now that\'s scary. You wonder what phone calls Matt Drudge received to \"discourage\" him from covering it.

    All that said, your postings are the very important research of one man, Mike Ruppert, and should be credited that way. Ruppert also doesnt \"walk on water\" and he selectively puts together chains of info like this to support his version of events - which I find credible but not above questioning in and of itself. He is also selling subscriptions and video tapes and books - and alas - when the day is done we each have to make our own judgements about these things, particularly when you have to start reaching for your VISA card to get someone\'s research details. (And I certainly dont begrudge Ruppert that - it just perks up the old skepticism antennae, which really isn\'t a bad thing.)

    So - my bottom line - youre probably gonna take heat for posting this update. Ruppert should get more credit. But I do think the information is extremely important and credible and I personally dont mind your posting it here occasionally.

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    You are right. There has been a big smear campaign to discredit Mike Rupert and so I wanted to present facts and not get involved with personalities.

    Also I probably won\'t start any more political topics in this forum. It\'s not appropriate, but the world is going to hell. You have to do something. Anything! If you consider this topic important and credible, please send it to everyone you know.

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    I love this:

    4. Why did **** Cheney lie on National TV about the fighter planes that we had in the air?

    His name isn\'t even legitimite.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    \"Also I probably won\'t start any more political topics in this forum. It\'s not appropriate...\"

    Thank you.

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    Nick, don\'t worry about the \"not being appropriate\" part of this. Everyone has a voice and should use it to share stuff like this with others. Yes, we are all here for the Gigastudio stuff. But come on, we don\'t live in a bubble where our lives just revolve around music. There are other things going on that we have to be aware of because it\'s these other things that may threaten our freedom to create music and express ourselves. We share our thoughts and feelings about things all the time - through the music we are creating. So what\'s wrong with sharing our thoughts and feelings about our current society through a place like this. A place where there are many other people with the same interests and that\'s what makes this post so great.

    Nick, if you want to keep sharing posts like this with us, you have my support.

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    It would make a great Tom Clancy novel, but unfortunately, I fear this is more than just a conspiracy theory. I wonder if certain organizations of the US government not only knew about the attacks, but actually caused them?
    I hope I\'m wrong, but in knowing about the attacks in advance, and doing nothing, aren\'t they in fact \"responsible by association\"?
    Is an oil pipeline worth ruining the lives of 6000 people and their families?
    Think of the worst case scenario here, and then double the probability.

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    You are trapped in what the Republican party tells you you should base your vote on. They are manipulating you, by using abortion and guns as issues. These issues are much less important than the murder of thousands/millions around the world. Much less important than the skyrocketing wealth of the top 1% and the slow demise of everyone else. I am not a Democrat!! This has nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. The system is sick. The whole 9/11 thing was brewing during Clinton. They have brainwashed us into taking sides. The two parties are corrupt and completely dishonest.
    You can keep your guns if you want, but they won\'t help you when they dump nerve gas on you, to stop a revolt. Stop living in the nineteenth century! It\'s ambarassing. How about some vision and imagination.
    For all you Texans, I\'m sorry. I really am. I know you want to stick up for your president. How courageously he marched in, lawyers and judges by his side, and stole the election. Try looking at the record for once, and see if you still stand by your man. Are you aware of the legislation he has enacted and signed??????????

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    Re: 9/11- email this and save the world!

    But this isn\'t a left or right issue, ryounger. I\'m no leftist - and have no idea whether Nick is for that matter. Don\'t get too caught up in Bush\'s establishment style patriotism - read some Richard Marcenko. As Geoff Metcalf puts it: \"Its not a question of WHO is right or wrong but WHAT is right or wrong.\" Better Bush than Clinton, as far as I am concerned, but how much better? Ruppert raises many valid questions. Bush is already so wealthy, he could be rounding up cattle in his jeans and his air-conditioned, leather-interior pick-up truck every day, and then swinging by to check his (formerly owned) Texas Rangers before a nice 99 dollar dinner every night. Why is he even doing all this? Does a typical Yale rich-kid who took the Air National Guard backdoor while the real patriots were in Vietnam really just LOVE his country so much that he wants to subject himself to the White House \"life style\" and to conducting a War on Terrorism? Fat chance. There\'s BIG money, oil and (unfortunately) drugs laced throughout this whole scenario in my humble opinion - and us regular folks will never get the whole story but for the partial discoveries of brave dudes like Ruppert who have some real connections and inside experience.

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