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Topic: best way to organize sound libraries on HD

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    best way to organize sound libraries on HD

    I\'m new to GS160 and would like to hear some opinions on how to organize sound libraries on the hard disk before I transfer the .gig files from several CD\'s. I assume it is ok to create sub-directories. Does it make more sense to organize them by instrument or Library-Name (Xsample,Garritan etc). Does quick sound work well with sub-directories?

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    Re: best way to organize sound libraries on HD

    Doesn\'t make a difference, really. Just stick \'em wherever your own preference is. I\'ve even got a few scattered around on Desktop at the moment. Quicksound will find them, no problem.

    I personally keep them more or less as they appear on the original CDs. And then if there are any that I make modifications to, I create a new folder.

    For example, if I change around the strings patches from Advanced Orchestra, I\'ll make a new folder called \"Custom\" under the \"D:\\Advanced Orchestra\\Strings\\Section\\\" folder and plop \'em in there with a handy name reminding me what I changed in it.

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    Re: best way to organize sound libraries on HD

    Quicksound has no problems with sub directories.
    If you only use quicksound to find things, your organisational method is irrelevant. It\'s more critcial when you\'re navigating to them through the windows explorer type interface. In this case, it\'s probably better to avoid having favourite sounds which are six folders deep, as you\'ll have to open those folders every time you need the sound.

    I just organised mine in instruments categories, with sub categories for solo and articulation style. Drums were a little more difficult (loops, single hits, kits, ethnic etc.,)

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    Re: best way to organize sound libraries on HD

    Thank you for the helpful hints Rooftop and Chadwick.

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