here\'s a copy of my letter to Sean...
I applied for another registration number recently. I realize I just did it not too long ago, so maybe that\'s why it has taken a while for you to respond. Or maybe the Namm. Whatever. Anyway, I needed to register again because it just didn\'t work. Actually, it never really worked properly ever since I bought it. Sometimes it would work for a while but then something always screwed it up. After doing two projects without it even though I desperately needed it I basically took out everything in the PC and reformatted again. I had it in a different drive but after reformatting C and reinstalling windows Gsampler in drive D wouldn\'t work. I\'m not a Windows Registry expert so that maybe the reason why. But needless to say I tried just about everything. I now erased everything, gave away my Soundblaster Live and DVD and bought a Roland USB midi interface, and am just using the Gina card. Oh, and I bought a Mac G4. So... given that the Gsampler is now $299 instead of the $800 I paid for 1.0, can you possibly get rid of the copy protection on Giga since it is really a hassle and quite detrimental to my work. Yeah, it sorta works for a while w/o registering, but I needed the Sconverter and it wouldnt work until I got the code. And I can\'t tell you how many times I erased my computer. I installed a new CPU as well as a new logic board, and get the picture. If you really don\'t want to take out the copy protect, can I at least have my code? Well..write me if I should apply again..maybe I\'ll erase everything again including my internet and reinstall it again, or reinstall it in drive D again (because now it\'s back in C), but can you tell me how to recover it if C gets erased and it starts asking me for dll files? Am I making sense? I\' m a pretty confused and frustrated owner. I want to upgrade to the new Gigastudio...but I don\'t know if I should now, considering the the first one never really worked reliably and registering was incredibly disruptive with my work. You see, when I arrange stuff the clients need it yesterday, and I really can\'t afford any delay. Thus, the Macintosh. But I wouldn\'t mind dedicating the PC for Giga if it would just work. Lemme know if I should reformat again before registering again and what drive to put it in and how to make it work again without registering again if C gets erased again and whether I should wait for Gigastudio so I can pay again.
Raul Mitra