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Topic: Finale Allegro with Gigastudio?

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    Finale Allegro with Gigastudio?

    Anybody know if these programs work and play well with each other? I\'ve been thinking about getting a sheet music writing program and this looks like the one to get. Anyone have any experience with Allegro? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Finale Allegro with Gigastudio?

    I used Finale for years (just switched to Sebilius) and it works great. Just set up the midi outs in Finale to go to GS and you\'ll be fine


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    Re: Finale Allegro with Gigastudio?

    You can download the demo of Allegro from www.codamusic.com.

    I would say that if you aren\'t eligible for any of the discounts for Finale, then Allegro will probably be a good choice. If you are eligible, then for not too much more you can get Finale, and it will definitely be worth it.

    In specific reference to using Allegro with GS, you will enjoy having the MIDI Tool, but miss having Finale\'s customizable expressions for controlling the MIDI data. It\'s an odd trade off. On the one hand, the MIDI Tool makes Allegro arguably more powerful than Sibelius in the MIDI department, but on the other hand you don\'t have the convenience of Finale and Sibelius for simply editing the playback definitions of your dynamic markings. This effect can of course be done with the MIDI Tool instead. Another serious lack in Allegro is that plugins are not supported. This may seem small, but when you consider the fact that there are hundreds of plugins for Finale (which by the way most people aren\'t aware of), including one which acts as a miniature mixer, you begin to see how big the gap actually is between the two programs. With all of these plugins, it\'s actually fair to say that I\'m using the equivalent of Finale 2006 instead of 2002.

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