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Topic: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

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    Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    short Xsample info: For volumes 5, 10, 11 & 12 are now updates available. A special programm can update your original file in a few seconds without opening the editor.

    Much fun,

    the Xsamples

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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    I had problems while attempting to update my files. Can someone provide a set of installation instructions?


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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    please mail your problems to contact@xsample.de
    Are there download problems or problems with our update tool?



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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    I dont even own Ssample discs but I love updates so I\'m gonna post with the link [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I need to get this set at somepoint [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]


    thanks Hans...well atleast thanks for giving me MORE incentive to get Xsample libraries! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Can you share a little of what these ART files do? It helps us that dont have the libraries understans what you\'ve done [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    hi Esperlad
    I too had an error running the install program. (unspecified error message).
    However the artfiles itself seems to be
    working, so you can just apply them with
    editor in the normal way.


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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    install doesn\'t work, and it is also written in German..... art files may work fine, havent loaded them in editor yet.

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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments


    I would be glad to get some details of the errors while installing or running the Update tool. I have tested the tool and installing on some systems without any problems.
    Please mail to stahl@xsample.de or contact@xsample.de .

    You don\'t need the Update tool, if you are owner of the GigaStudio Editor. Our update files are normal art - files, which can be handled correctly by the GigaStudio Editor.

    This freeware Update tool is running very fast and is easy to handle. It is also thought for all user, who would like to exchange own ideas and programs to other users.
    So >GigaSampler< user are also able to update or create updates!

    Georg - Xsample

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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    FWIW, I own vols. 5, 10-12. I made several futile attempts to run the handy installer, but each time I got some sort of \"type mismatch\" error, followed by a lot of dialogs that taxed my high-school German. So then I spent the rest of the evening doing a Load Articulation File/Save for each instrument in the GS Editor. That went quite well, except in the case of viola_m.gig (or maybe it was viola_sus_m.gig; I can\'t double-check just now). In that particular case I got an error saying there was a 52% discrepancy between the samples named in the .art file and the samples in the pool. So maybe the \"type mismatch\" error in the installer arose from that?

    Anyhow, many thanks for the new articulations. I\'ve started to get pretty deeply into making my own tweaks to libraries, the better to use them with a wind controller, but I\'m always interested in studying professionally done .art files as a way of extending my knowledge.


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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments


    nice to see you hear again [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    is the installer something, someone like me can use to share art files for any library? or only Xsample....

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    Re: Updates (.art-files) for Xsample instruments

    Hi KingIdiot,

    thanx for your nice message! I became a father about one year ago, so I\'m a little bit rare on this forum in the last time...

    The tool is free for anyone and any purpose. Not only for our library. We just wanted to give a kick for being creative.
    But some people tell me about this installing problems... I would like to get the buggs out, but I have no detailed information. I have installed the program on a lot of computers without any problems.


    >So then I spent the rest of the evening doing a Load Articulation File/Save for each instrument in the GS Editor.<
    This is the thing we wanted to prevent. Our tool does this job in maybe 4 or 5 minutes!
    I would like to get the reason why the installing routine does\'nt run. But I can\'t get any reason. Maybe, can you give me a detail, when the \"type mismatch\" error and the german dialogs comes?
    I would be glad of getting any more detailed information. What system are you using, what language and country.
    I will check the discrepancy of the viola.


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