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Topic: A Better GM giga lib

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    A Better GM giga lib

    Would any of you be interested in a better GM library? I\'ve been kicking this around for awhile. Is there a need or want for this? What about at the $100 price point?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!


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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    oH yeah!

    I got GM 500 but it\'s still synthy sounding.

    If you can make the variety that a GM offers but sample the real thing then I\'d buy it.

    Just get rid of the silly sound effects toward the high numbers.

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    Yes, would be interested if it were *vastly* superior to the GM 500, which has been a grave disappointment for me that I practically never use. I\'ve heard 8MB GM sets that sound superior. What exactly did they spend 500MB on?

    That was the first lib that proved to me that the lavish sample sizes afforded by Giga in no way guarantees superior sampling.

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    I definately think this would be a great idea. I know people would like to get rid of their cheap SBLive cards to clean their systems up. I still think the Giga products need to ship with a nice General Midi set. I mean you buy the product and you have nothing real to mess with out of the box. Even Halion ships with loads of samples to get you started?

    Just my 2 cents worth,

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    Yes, I\'m certain that there is a strong demand for a quality GM Bank, even if only to act as a sketch pad. Otherwise, things can just get too complicated which can damage creativity.
    If it\'s good maybe Tascam would do a deal and bundle it. That would be excellent to get people started following purchase. Also a lot of us hobbyists cannot justify spending thousands but would still like to have a pallet of quality sounds. Most folk seem disappointed with the Conexant GM sounds. Being one of the first suppliers, I guess they could get away with it when there wasn\'t much else.
    I\'ve even produced some decent stuff with my old Sound Canvas, in the past,(as Roland chose the sounds with care.) Soundfonts can also sound remarkably good. Remember, modestly priced sounds can be excellent when they are correctly used with sympathetic MIDI tweaking. Contrarily, I\'ve heard some demos here, using very expensive samples, where the composers have clearly just played them out of the box on a keyboard, in piano style....it might be quick but it just doesn\'t work I\'m afraid.....IMHO

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    Oh, yeah-especially at at $100 price point. I use my GM500 a LOT, as I don\'t have the high quality brass and strings that I need (ProSonus) yet. But I especially miss a good quality:

    electric piano
    acoustic bass
    rock-style guitars that don\'t put a thump on each note when they are played rapidly
    lush-sounding strings (don\'t have to be \'orchestral\', but better than my Sound Canvas...
    rock jazz or big-band style brass, so they can be used as pop horns
    and whatever else can sound more natural than what\'s already out there.

    My ongoing goal has been to pull together a \'primary\' GM set (I\'ll leave out the exotic stuff to get more room for quality \'standard\' pop/jazz/big band instruments.

    From what I see on the boards, the real orchestrators want Garritan and Dan Dean and Nick, a few K$ for a live-orchestra sound.

    I want to use Giga live, and the requirements are somewhat different. Night club, jazz, rock, blues, pop requirements are very different, and I think there are a bunch of us who want it. But the difference between a REALLY high-quality sample of the sort that Giga can use and just a very good, usable sample gets lost in the clink of beer vlasses and conversation. OTOH, the cheesy patches in most GM instruments is obvious even to the average listener. Something that would address this would be REALLY cool!!!

    Dasher (who can never make a short post when a long one will do as well!!!)

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    I would be interested in someting like this. I was thinking how nice it would be if someone made an extensive GM library. My idea included several dynamic layers and additional articulations via keyswitching. Personally, I would not mind the special effects, but I think the standard instruments need to be well-sampled first.

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    Probably at the $100 point I\'d at least consider it. $50 I\'d just buy it as long as I didn\'t hear anything negative. At $150 I\'d probably not bother unless people absolutely raved about the quality.


    Originally posted by donnie:
    Would any of you be interested in a better GM library? I\'ve been kicking this around for awhile. Is there a need or want for this? What about at the $100 price point?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib

    I would definitely pay $100 or even a little more for a good GM library. I suspect your market would be hobbyists (like me), people playing live and maybe real composers for sketching things out. Right now I use my digital piano for non-Giga sounds and I\'d very much like something better!

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    Re: A Better GM giga lib


    I bought the GM500 library and found it unusable almost at all. And I couldn\'t resell it to someone else.... [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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