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Topic: looking for "power toms" for scoring...

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    looking for "power toms" for scoring...

    We\'ve all heard them--those not-exactly-real-sounding-but-very-powerful toms used in action scores such as \"behind enemy lines\", \"the replacement killers\" and other contemporary scores. It\'s a very prominenet sound in the theme for \"NYPD Blue\", etc. Where can I find toms like that? Realistic toms do NOT have that flavor.

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    Re: looking for "power toms" for scoring...

    Try GM toms, especially the Roland XP/JV ones,

    Then eq it like a heavy metal Guitar [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .. sweep

    Then toss an assload of verb on it, and compress/limit

    Or ask Hans Zimmer if you can have his.

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    Re: looking for "power toms" for scoring...

    Try some EQ, compression and gated reverb ...or sample a drum machine that has toms close to the ones you want and tweak away!
    Also try to layer noises like metal hits ... dunno, never done it before, u might get something interesting [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: looking for "power toms" for scoring...

    I guess I\'m going to have to \"build it myself\". I just figured there must be some libraries that have this sort of thing, since you hear these sounds all the time and I\'m guessing many TV/film composers don\'t have time to tweak their own sounds. I could be wrong--I often am!

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    Re: looking for "power toms" for scoring...


    I know Percussive adventures has a lot of low tom stuff in the loops and a few one shot hits (not sure of enough of the toms tho)

    I actually think the simple \"dyno toms\" patch in the Roland XP/JV boards (one of the standard banks) sounds really close to the \"power toms, in character, but obviously they need to be layered with something for more power and of course reverb.

    There isn\'t an out of the box solution. GM Toms on synths sound really close too. Just EQ and squash \'em.

    LOP has concert Toms that with some EQ can sound good, but they aren\'t \"zimmer toms\".

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    Re: looking for "power toms" for scoring...

    The downloadable toms from Wizoo are not bad, if that\'s the sound you\'re looking for.

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