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Topic: biggagigga's Post Harpsichord Vol 1 or Vol 2?

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    biggagigga\'s Post Harpsichord Vol 1 or Vol 2?

    What\'s the difference bethween each one ?

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    Re: biggagigga\'s Post Harpsichord Vol 1 or Vol 2?

    I have both. Volume 1 has two instruments, a Flemish harpsichord and a French harpsichord. Both are \"concert\" instruments. Each has several variations, including full, soft and no release, lute, upper and lower manuals, etc. I prefer the Flemish sound and found objectionable low-level noise in the French harpsichord, which I reduced with GSt\'s hipass filter. That improved things somewhat but it really could stand a professional noise reduction process.

    Volume 2 is a \"virginal\" - a harpsichord type instrument with a gentler sound. I think they were marketed more for home use in the 18th century. Both sample disks have descriptions of the instruments - perhaps Michiel Post would e-mail them to you or post them on his site.

    They are all so superior to the typical keyboard harpsichord sounds that there really is no comparison. I bought mine from Soundchaser, and I believe at least Volume 1 was further processed by Post\'s US partner to eliminate artifacts.


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    Re: biggagigga\'s Post Harpsichord Vol 1 or Vol 2?

    So the best one is the Vol 1 isn\'t it ?

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    Re: biggagigga\'s Post Harpsichord Vol 1 or Vol 2?

    I like Volume 1 best, YMMV. Listen to the mp3s on postaudiomedia.com and see if you agree.

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    Re: biggagigga\'s Post Harpsichord Vol 1 or Vol 2?

    I think that volume 1 comprises what people are generally looking for when they are after a harpsichord sound. Both the Flemish and the French are excellent instruments. I actually prefer the sound of the French harpsichord, not due to differences in quality of the reproduction between the French and Flemish sampled sets, but because I simply prefer French harpsichords. The virginal is an excellent cd as well but appeals to a smaller crowd. Both are worth getting.

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