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Topic: Voices of the Apocalypse

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    Voices of the Apocalypse

    I\'m new to the forum, so I\'ve been trawling through past posts, and I just discovered a thread about East-West\'s Voices of the Apocalypse. I have to admit it sounds fantastic, as does the demo, but I\'m a little confused. The original post said that the library contained every consonant sound, but when I went to SoundsonLine to see the advert, the only consonant sound listed was \"mm.\" Were the rest removed for version 2 because no-one used them? Is there anyone out there using version2 who could enlighten me?

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse

    Actually there are MORE consonants in version two, and they are pitched [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Anyhow, MMM is the only sustained consonant, the rest of the consonants are more \"percussive\" for word building. For starting and ending words.

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