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Topic: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

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    No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    soundsonline is having a big sale, and I am thinking about picking up one of Dan\'s libraries, but they don\'t seem to be offered there anymore.

    anybody know what\'s up with that?

    John DeBorde

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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    You can find my libraries right here at Northern Sounds (thanks for hosting a great website/newsgroup Mark & Dave!), at EastWest/Soundsonline, AudioMidi.com, Sound Chaser, Rainbow Guitars, Jack\'s Music and a number of other sources. If you\'re having problems obtaining my products, I would be happy to take care of the transaction personally...just send me an email at sales@DanDeanPro.com.


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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    I checked for DD Brass last friday night on sounds online, they are having a sale that ends today, the price is something around $350.00 (best price Ive seen yet). It is my opinion that this site should be more competitive in prices...but usually you can find a better price elsewhere.

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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    I had a look at soundsonline on Sunday, May 5, and all the Dan Dean products were there. When I looked again on Tuesday, May 7, they had all mysteriously vanished! What\'s going on?

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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    I tried to find Dan\'s stuff there as well but couldn\'t. I was thinking of picking up the woodwinds in their sale.

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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    Originally posted by jdeborde:
    soundsonline is having a big sale,
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Anyone have a promotion code for this sale? I changed my e-mail address and no longer get their e-mail with these codes.


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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    Dan Dean:

    You might want to be aware of what looks like a recent problem at EastWest. Yes they WERE having a promotional sale (Enter code:\"Birthday\" when you check out). I always wait for these and I checked their site before the sale ended and made a puchase.

    I did NOT see Dan Dean libraries for sale on their site. If I had, I might have purchased them taking advantage of this very good sale, which has now ended.

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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    Comment deleted. -- Pat

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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?


    Egads, it seems that i have 2 identities here. Not unlike that time my evil twin skippy was mucking about town. I\'ll never live that down!

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    Re: No more Dan Dean @ East West?

    Called EastWest/SoundsOnline about this. They took it off the website after they discovered they were losing money. The price listed was already a discounted price and with the extra 30% off they were losing money. So they yanked it off the site. Jack\'s would be the place with the lowest price but it\'s not quite this low!

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