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Topic: Dan Dean or Kirk Hunter?

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    Dan Dean or Kirk Hunter?

    Both libs are amazing. I\'m really looking for flute/woodwinds, and solo strings. Just needed a push in the right direction as to what is the all around best, from some of you who have used both libraries...



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    Re: Dan Dean or Kirk Hunter?

    I\'d get the Dean woods and the Hunter strings.

    I\'ve got KHSS, and love the range of articulations. And with the combination of the Stradivarius violin and the Gypsy violin, you should be able to get the sound that you want.

    To my ear the only demos of a woodwind section that beat DD\'s are from VSL\'s performance set. I see Kirk has his flute released now. I\'m downloading the demos (over dialup) as I type.

    I\'m looking forward to Kirk having a full woodwind collection available. If he follows the pattern of having both solo and ensemble winds in a single package (as he\'s done with the flute), that\'ll make an excellent package.

    I haven\'t given a flute-only library any thought. What are your impressions of the two flute libs?

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    Re: Dan Dean or Kirk Hunter?

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the info. The main draw back with the DD libs is that they are abit pricy, but I guess you get what you pay for yeah? Do you know of anywhere to get the DD stuff cheaper than the list price?



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