It\'s been pretty slow here lately so I thought I\'d suggest something:

How would moderators/members feel about creating an NS award (or awards) for best library or software tool or whatever?

It\'s always a help to developers to pin awards on their products, and it would also help to promote NS.

It\'s a pretty knowledgable bunch here and an NS award might gain kudos over time.

I don\'t know if people would want a single award or two or more categories (it gets messy with too many, in my opinion).

It would also be interesting to see if a library could retain an award over two or more years (thereby encouraging the trend for customer support and updates).

Of course, none of us own all libraries but most of us listen very critically to demos and get a fair idea of the power of any tool (this would also encourage developers to work hard on demos).

Personally, I\'d go for an overall award, plus a budget award (how, for example, could Franz or Frankie or Hanz or Scarbee compete with VSL et al? Although it would be good if a library could win overall AND budget awards) and maybe a software award?

Anyway, just a suggestion.