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Topic: Velocity Sensitivity

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    Velocity Sensitivity

    I know this is probably a ridiculously simple(minded)question, but, how do you remove key velocity control in Giga editor? In other words, I do not want any volume change no matter how hard I may pound the keyboard in certain samples. How can I kill it?


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    Re: Velocity Sensitivity


    Check following posts, read your post a little to fast. =)


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    Re: Velocity Sensitivity

    Sounds like Jazzhole is describing the window where the velocity splits are set, but I don\'t think that\'s what Astro\'s talking about.

    Astro, in the editor you need to hit the tab that brings up the parameter page that has velocity sensitivity, with a drop-down menu for different types of curves _ linear, special, etc. _ and which gives you a slider bar from low to high velocity sensitivity. You want to put that slider bar on to its lowest possible position.


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    Re: Velocity Sensitivity

    Arch is right Astro.

    To kill the velocity response on an instrument:

    1. Load the instrument into the editor
    2. Select ALL the regions, velocity layers, dimensions and subregions which relate to the instrument
    3. Click on the \'Response\' tab
    4. Under \'Velocity Response\' choose \'linear\'
    5. Hit \'Apply\'
    6. Under \'Dynamic Range\' choose \'low\' (the slider should be all the way to the right).
    7. Hit \'Apply\'

    The combination of a linear curve with low dynamic range causes the selected regions to ignore incoming velocity and play as if they are receiving 127 velocity.

    NOTE: The instrument will still be receiving varying velocities and will continue to route these notes to velocity layers as they are mapped.

    Consider this scenario:

    You have an instrument with 2 velocity layers. One layer is a sustain sound and covers the velocity range from 0-84.
    The other layer is a staccato sound and covers the velocity range from 85-127.
    You use the editor to remove the velocity responsiveness of both layers.
    You play a note with velocity of 64.
    The sustain sound will be triggered, and play as if it was hit with 127 velocity.
    You play a note with velocity 22.
    Again, the sustain sound will be triggered, and play as if it was hit with 127 velocity.
    You play a note with velocity 86.
    The staccato sound will be triggered, and play as if it was hit with 127 velocity.

    If you want to avoid velocity switching in the instrument there are two options:

    1. Deconstruct the instrument into 2 separate instrument (easy to do).
    2. Set your master keyboard or sequencer to output a \'fixed\' velocity value. Any number below 85 will trigger the sustain sound at full level. Any number from 85 up will trigger the staccato sound at full level.

    Hope this helps.

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