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Topic: Here's a real dumb question....

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    Here\'s a real dumb question....

    You know that clipped or truncated sound you get when a sequencer is trying to play the same note at the same time? My Notator for Atari had a way of eliminating those overlaps. But that was 10 years ago. How do you do it in Cakewalk???

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    Re: Here\'s a real dumb question....

    Hi John

    It could be a number of things in the setup. The quickest I suppose would be to change your Midi Echo mode. Go to \"Options\" then choose \"Project options\" and then \"Midi Input\" and change the \"Echo Mode\" around.

    I also have access to a CAL script that removes dual notes.

    could be something simple like your master keyboard still having local \"on\" ?.

    Let me know more

    KIA the peoples friend

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    Re: Here\'s a real dumb question....

    Thanks muchly/ I\'ll try it.

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