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Topic: Please post any questions here.

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    Quote Originally Posted by gisuskraist View Post
    And what do you mean by devolution? Decrease in quality or just going back to the roots?
    I think he means less harmonic (and rhythmic) complexity. That's certainly my interpretation of recent music history. Look at the lead sheet for a jazz standard in the 50s, and compare it to a pop song from the 60s. No 7ths, no altered 5ths or 9ths (no 9ths at all). Straight ahead rock beats.

    Okay, maybe it wasn't overnight, or that black and white - Motown was still strongly jazz inflenced, but much of what topped the charts was simple blues forms.

    There was a little boost to complexity in the 70s with prog rock, but that was swallowed up by punk and disco. Then in the 80s the rise of hip-hop and rap brought music with a harmonic complexity of, essentially, zero.

    Now I look at the popular music of today's youth and what do we see? I - IV - V - vii. That's it. When a song with another chord making a brief appearance comes along, it's "new" and "fresh."

    Thank you, Dr. Israels, for helping us fight the good fight.

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    The turning point was when they started wanting more money. Then they became business men, utilizing strategies to get songs stuck in peoples' heads, one such strategy is the chorus, and including the title of the song in the chorus. Hooks are another strategy. Also, simple beats and harmony are another strategy so that people with minimal ability to audiate could have the song stuck in their head.

    I have a question though, for those of us fond of playing rhythm guitar, how does voice leading work for that? Seeing as chords should be relatively playable on guitar, I wouldn't think it'd be all that easy to come up with chord shapes for guitar.

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    Oh, I can hardly wait.
    When is the next chapter coming up ?

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    Gary said recently (on Chat) that he was working on it and the musical excerpts were being finalised

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    Ok, thanks for the info.

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    I had a question about example 2-1 in lesson 2. The third example there is described as having no parallel 5ths or octaves but there are parallel 5ths between the inner voices. I guess what was meant was that there were none involving the bass, since the lesson is about bass, and that parallel 5ths in the inner voices is perfectly normal in jazz? I haven't read on to further lessons yet. Thanks.

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan View Post
    This is a course on Jazz Arranging and not on sample mockups. It is important to learn the basics first. If there is interest after the course we can delve into mockups and provide MIDI examples.
    Hi, Gary,

    I know that you're busy with the imminent release of something or other, but now that the Arranging course is complete, I would sure love some tutorials on mock-ups. I'm still blown away by Levitt or Leave It rendering, and want details, Details, DETAILS!

    There are a lot of good tips and tricks on the tips and tricks page, but a couple of full-scale tutorials would be really cool and helpfull.


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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    When will the book be ready?

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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    Is there any news about when the book will be ready yet?
    I did preorder and am looking forward to it!

    Where is the course headed if at all, can we expect any addition?


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    Re: Please post any questions here.

    I'd like to know too.

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