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Topic: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

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    Arrow Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    Using Garritan Jazz & Big Band
    by Chuck Israels


    We are pleased to welcome you to this Interactive Edition of "EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING", based upon Chuck Israels' new book. Chuck Israels is a true jazz master and there simply is no better source from whom to learn about jazz arranging.

    This book is destined to be a classic. The superb quality of the text with its clarity and its wealth of information, coupled with the inline audio examples, truly makes this a uniquely worthwhile and extraordinary learning experience.

    For the modern composer, it is essential to have a strong background in jazz theory, in addition to orchestration and traditional harmony and theory. This course encompasses a wealth of solid grounding and practical knowledge, clearly written and explained, all generously augmented with musical examples of melody, rhythm, harmony, form, writing for 2 voices, 3 voices, 4 or more voices, writing for full band, and much, much more.

    This writing is already recognized for excellence as it is currently being used at Juilliard School of music for their course in Jazz Arranging
    and we are honored to present it to you here in this enhanced interactive edition.

    Hear and See the Scores with Real-time Examples

    In this revised internet edition, we provide the original text, with the added capability to hear the examples of Chuck Israel's works.

    One of the the most effective ways to learn jazz is by listening, andsimultaneously seeing it on the score . Live playback of the score examples imparts an added dimension, converying concepts far more clearly and immediately than simply viewing what's on a printed page.

    In this Interactive Edition we have provided exactly that facility: score excerpts which allow the learner to simultaneously listen and visually follow. The ability to see and hear various jazz arrangements of the different examples from Chuck Israel's text is invaluable; and books alone cannot provide this level of instruction.

    Here is but one example of the many animated scores in the course:

    Score References & Musical Examples Using JABB:

    Click on Play Button below to Play from the Score

    Course Structure - Community Learning and Self-Study

    With this course you read about the various concepts and y
    ou watch and listen to the various animated score examples to understand the concepts. There will be online "professors", including Chuck Israels, who will share their expertise and help guide the discussions.

    The "EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library" course will initially be offered on this forum only. A new lesson will be posted periodically. The lessons will be presented in the same systematic step-by-step approach as Chuck structured it in his book. A syllabus of this course is listed in the bottom of this post.

    If you come in late, start with Lesson 1. This course follows a logical order and it best to go sequentially and not race through it. It is important to read, listen, follow the scores and understand the material in one lesson before progressing to the next.The lessons are offered in small segments so it will be easy to digest the material. Each reading and listening example should be completed before advancing. There's an abundance of complex information and it is easy to lose focus -- so stay with it. There should be plenty of resources and people to help.

    About Chuck Israels

    Composer/arranger/bassist Chuck Israels is a recognized master musician in the world of jazz. He has worked with Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, J.J. Johnson, John Coltrane, and dozens of others. He is well known for being the bassist with the Bill Evans Trio from 1961 through 1966 and for his pioneering accomplishments in Jazz Repertory as Director of the National Jazz Ensemble from 1973 to 1981. He is now the Director of Jazz Studies at Western Washington University.

    Chuck is a guest composer/director with various jazz ensembles and has numerous recordings to his credit. Among Chuck's many recordings as a bassist, some outstanding ones include: Coltrane Time, with John Coltrane; My Point of View, with Herbie Hancock; Getz au Go-Go, with Stan Getz; and many recordings with the Bill Evans Trio, including The Town Hall Concert; The Second Trio; Trio '65; Live at the Trident; Time Remembered; and Live at Shelley's Manne Hole.

    Pre-Order the Book

    The course is offered free of charge and there is no obligation to buy anything. If you are benefiting from this course, it would be appropriate to support Chuck
    in the tremendous amount of work that has gone into this book

    One way is to make a donation to Chuck in appreciation of his work. Another way to support this work us to pre-order the hardcover book that will ship at the conclusion of this course. The hardcover book will have significant additional material and will include this entire course on DVD.

    Also, although every example was done with Garritan Jazz and Big Band library, it is not required to benefit from this course. However, the library will help in emulating the exercises.


    It is assumed the learner has some necessary basic musical skills including some knowledge of music theory and jazz. This course is not for the casual learner or beginning learner and requires a serious commitment.

    First it is a pre-requisite that you are able to read music. This course requires following scores and being able to read treble, bass and alto clef is important.

    If you are unsure about your level of proficiency it will not hurt to try some lessons to see if they are right for you. Learn at your own pace and try to supplement your knowledge in areas that are lacking. If you have mastery of material being taught, please try to help others who are learning.

    It is essential to have the latest Flash Player in your browser installed in order to see the flash enabled scores. Macromedia has recently released their latest version of the Flash Player Plugin (Version 8). You can download the latest Flash Players here.

    To benefit from this course it is recommended for learners to be registered with the forum to post questions or contribute in discussions. You can register to be a member of the Northern Sounds Garritan forum here.

    Some Guidelines

    This will be an open virtual classroom and people should feel free to visit and learn at any time.

    A few guidelines: We are here to learn so please be courteous to others. Constructive criticism is welcomed -- especially if it will improve the course and provide for a better educational experience. Encouragement helps learners much more than unbridled negativity. Try to be helpful to others and avoid demeaning less experienced learners. Please do not flame, name-call, banter or disrupt the learning experience for others. This course is offered as a free service and if one is against it for competitive, philosophical, political, religious or psychological reasons; we would rather you do not participate. Just like a bricks and mortar class, disruptive behavior may lead to being suspended or expelled.
    We reserve the right to make changes if circumstances so dictate. We reserve the right to change the dates, change the structure of the course, or to withdraw any part or the entire course at any time.

    Copyright & Terms of Use

    Copyright © 2007, Chuck Israels and Garritan Corp. All rights reserved.

    The EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library is offered as a courtesy and may be withdrawn at any time. Chuck Israels and Garritan reserve the right to charge for hardopy and other versions and media of the material. You are allowed to use this material for personal education purposes only. It excludes any commercial use (including professional or promotional uses) without written permission. No image, artwork, score, textual contents, sound files, mp3s, MIDI files or other material on this web site may be copied, reproduced, displayed, altered, posted, transmitted, sold or distributed in whole or in part, or for any purpose other than individual viewing of this web site, without the express prior written consent of Garritan Corp. None of the demos may be copied, reproduced, displayed, altered, posted, transmitted, distributed, or linked in whole or in part, for any purpose other than individual learning without the express prior written consent of Garritan. No part of the materials may be copied for resale or other commercial use, or included with other software, or posted on other public bulletin boards, web sites or online venues without written permission.


    This online course would not have been possible without the help of some very talented and dedicated people. First and foremost thanks to Chuck Israels for writing such an extraordinary and needed text. Chuck also composed many of the music examples. Many thanks to Roberto Soggetti who made all of the mp3 audio examples. Roberto used a special version of the Jazz and Big Band library that he modified. Thanks to Sean Hannifin for doing all of the Flash work so that the music follows the score. Thanks to Adina Cucicov for layout and formatting. And thanks to Mark Simon and Dave Burnett for hosting this course on Northern Sounds.

    Let the Course Begin...

    To offer such a jazz arranging course, written and presented by a jazz great -- plus present it with interactive real-time examples, and open the learning process into an online co-operative -- is truly something extraordinary!

    This course is initially being offered free of charge and it is our way of giving back to the musical community. I believe that education is more important than just products and we are committed to providing every musician the means to improve their knowledge and skills.

    Please spread the word about this extraordinary learning opportunity. Mention it to your friends or in colleges and schools, on forums, blogs, chats, publications as well as to anyone who would benefit from this course.

    I hope you will use the concepts taught in this course in your own music and that what you will learn here will greatly benefit you for years to come.

    Musically yours,

    Gary Garritan

    Course Syllabus
    (subject to change)
    Lesson 1 - Intro & Rhythm
    Lesson 2 - Bass Lines
    Lesson 3 - Bass Lines (Continued)
    Lesson 4 - Harmony
    Lesson 5 - Harmony (Continued)
    Lesson 6 - Form
    Lesson 7 - Form (Continued)
    Lesson 8 - Melody & Orchestration
    Lesson 9 - Melody & Orchestration (Continued)
    Lesson 10 - Melody & Orchestration (Continued)
    Lesson 11 - The Rhythm Section
    Lesson 12 - The Rhythm Section (Cont.)
    Lesson 13 - Writing for 2 Voices
    Lesson 14 - Writing for 3 Voices
    Lesson 15 - Writing for 4 or More Voices
    Lesson 16 - Writing for 4 or More Voices (Cont.)
    Lesson 17 - Writing for 4 or More Voices (Cont.)
    Lesson 18 - Writing for The Whole Band
    Lesson 19 - Writing for The Whole Band (Cont.)
    Lesson 20 - Writing for Singers

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    Smile Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    This is awsome.

    Thanks to Professor and Garritan. I can't wait to see the first lesson posted!
    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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    Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    Oh my god ! is it real ?
    1000000 and more thanks
    My first post here, i m so excited about this course, i receive from Usa last weeks several books relating to 'arranging for jazz ensemble' (Gary Lindsay, 2 from berklee press and a dedicaced book from Samy Nestico) ... And what i see here, a course sharing for free, and the Professor, Professor Chuck Israels ... Wow ! And here, it is interactive ! Thank you Mr Santa (Garritan) Claus (before the date).
    so, i have 2 questions
    1st question : Where can i pre-order for the book ? is this an url or ?
    2nd : Where is the url for donate (paypal).

    There is a room for me in this forum, i think i am going to stay here for a long time. Congratulations for all your work.

    Eric (from France) (sorry if i don't speak a very good english)
    hello to all the nothernsounds member and contributors

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    Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library


    I've never been a jazz enthusiast but I'm looking forward to learning some new tools to use, be it in context of jazz or not.
    For mind-boggling music:


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    Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    I just want to add my advice to anyone who is on the fence about studing jazz.....someone who wants to compose Orchestral or modern Pop music would benfit greatly from studing Jazz. The advanced harmony and colors used in jazz goes a long way in understading what makes Orchestral and Pop music tick. Jazz will give you some great tools even if you never compose/arrange in that style.

    On a personal note: THANK YOU for this course....

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    Arrow Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    Quote Originally Posted by nova.music
    will give you some great tools even if you never compose/arrange in that style.
    That's really true. Superb topics. I am waiting for the book with DVD!
    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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    Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    I hope that considerable time will be spent on Big Band horn orchestration, achieving various colors, using mutes and doubles (flutes, clarinets). Having studied jazz for years, the style and notes are not an issue for me, but applying them to a full size horn section is something I'd really like to dive into. Thanks Gary and Chuck.

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    Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    What a great gift to all of us. Thank you!!!!

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    Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    So how does one pre-order the hardback?

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    Re: Welcome to EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING Using the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library

    Quote Originally Posted by loydb
    So how does one pre-order the hardback?

    Go Here to the "Donation & Pre-Order Page"

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