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Topic: T3 Score Impressions

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    T3 Score Impressions

    Most troubling indeed.

    Picture Matrix 2 with no open brass fanfare, a JAWS sequel with a new theme and no shark motiff, and you\'ll have an idea of what T3 is like without Brad\'s theme. Oh, you do hear it....during the END CREDITS.

    This is one of the most amazing blunders I\'ve seen in recent filmmaking. The producers are on record as saying ...and I\'m paraphrasing...\'Everytime we tried the original theme, it just brought viewers back to T1 and T2.\'

    I will allow that comment to speak for itself.

    \' We needed an orchestral score because of the scope of this film.\' Apparently the producers had not seen T2.

    T2 could easily have used a straight large score, but that\'s what made BF\'s score work so well...it was unexpected.

    The score itself has some nice moments, as well as some \"I\'m REALLY getting tired of hearing men and women\'s choir\" moments as well. All in all it does it\'s best to support a very sound FX- heavy film. That\'s why Brad\'s score worked so well too...sometimes you couldn\'t tell whether you were hearing score or FX....they did not fight each other as this score tugs and pulls for attention amongst all manner of truck crashes, explosions and miniguns, mixed really HOT.

    The film itself, has some pretty impressive moments. For all the talk about the freeway scene in \"Reloaded,\" T3 has an insane \"Trucks Gone Wild\" sequence that had to be at least as complicated to put onscreen. Very impressive.

    The T-X female cyborg is just wonderful....makes the cop robot in T2 look like Barney. Easy on the eyes too, but I WISH filmmakers would stop insulting everyone\'s intelligence with this pistol thing....how many shots does her semi automatic handgun have...20, 30??? Perhaps it\'s a special \"terminator pistol.\"

    Claire Danes, as Kate Brewster, does not fare as well. This women has to be related to the upper brass somewhere (as Lorraine Gary was married to the head of Universal and was magically cast as Brody\'s wife in \"Jaws\").
    There are 300 actresses in Hollywood who could have done this part, any 299 of which would have stronger screen presence than Ms. Danes. All I could think of in her closeups was \"Gotta get that nose fixed\" as she babbled on.

    Nick Stahl is OK but lacks that something that really makes you care one way or the other. Like a certain MATRIX star I know..

    Arnold is in top form. Looks great, and has some great one liners as usual, especially in a scene in an AM-PM quickstore.

    SPOILERS AHEAD>.........

    Random note....Why does the Dane character get over the murder of her fiancee in what seems to be mere moments? Oh well...

    The film actually had me thinking it was going to be very good until the final 20 minutes or so. There is a scene with Dane\'s father that almost looks like an Austin Powers outake, or something you\'d see on \"The Time Tunnel.\" Bad sets, bad acting, no common sense (his daughter just parades into the top secret SKYNET headquarters with Arnold and Connor in tow, walks right up to Daddy and starts talking.)

    Most disturbing, is Arnold\'s exit from the film. Just flat...nothing emotional as in T2, he\'s just suddenly gone, and we have Claire and Connor to deal with for another 8 minutes. If this is truly the last of the series, it\'s an ignoble end to Arnold. A very disappointing climax, save for the fact that we get to hear Brad\'s score for the END CREDITS( just before the obligatory hard rock track kicks in, lest the youngsters be offended by all those strings and horns). And Arnold does say, \"well meet again.\" Maybe he means on the DVD or something.

    As always, JMHO, and yes, I\'ll see it again

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    Re: T3 Score Impressions

    thats a shame...I havent seen t3 yet, but I cant imagine a terminator film with out brad fidel..but then again i cant imagine a t3 without Linda Hamilton, or Eddie Furlong...Fidel\'s scores to t1&2 really are a part of those films identity...like John Barry with Bond...I really liked some of the syncopated percussion things Marco Beltrami did on Blade2, especially the beginning motorcycle chase...but its going to be weird to see t3 with an orch & choir score...hopefully Marco will be put to better use on Hellboy next year...fourtunatly Guillermo del Toro understands the need for an epic orchestral score for that film.

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    Re: T3 Score Impressions

    Haven\'t seen the movie yet but I\'ve listened to the score.. was surprised that it didn\'t sound as fat as Beltramis scores usually do.. and I must say that Marcos own percussion theme that almost sounds like the old one makes me wonder WHY DID HE DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE THAT!?!?!?!? and wheres the theme?? I guess he needed the money so he didn\'t afford to not make his own themes...


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    Re: T3 Score Impressions

    I just saw the trailer and thought it was really bizzare with all the choir and no main theme. It really sounded like a construction-kit score. The melody IS terminator, you can\'t mess with that!! Can you imagine starwars without its melodies?

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    Re: T3 Score Impressions

    Interesting from a standpoint of the composer because many started hating the score even before listening to it. It does lack the same personality of the older one, but it has a much more \"human\" way of approaching the story. I basically grew up with the Terminator franchise and always loved Fiedel\'s theme, but I still find Beltramis effort to take the film to a new direction respectable, and I\'m happy as long as I hear the old main theme re-arranged on the CD.

    I haven\'t seen the movie yet (damn Europe), but the critic reception has been suprisingly positive for an Arnie-film. Fans seem to like it also, which is cool.

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    Re: T3 Score Impressions

    Also, it\'s kinda hard to imaging that James Cameron is not directing Terminator 3.... He did such an EXCELLENT job on Terminator and Terminator 2! Well, I guess (since the movie\'s now in the theatres) we\'ll all have to see the film to make a final judgement.... Yea, I\'ll also miss Brad\'s score which is so synonymous with the Terminator films.
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