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Topic: How are YOU using Gigasampler??

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    How are YOU using Gigasampler??

    Hi all

    I\'m really getting into Gigasampler and I
    want to integrate it into my studio. I\'m curious to know how each of you uses Giga as
    a sampler in your mixes.

    Here\'s the thing. I have a beefed up
    Pentium machine and I typically record in
    Cubase (outboard gear (eg) XP80, Proteus,
    etc). I just got the Bolder Pianos Yamaha
    C7 for Gigasampler CD ROM (from www.boldersounds.com) and I\'m *DYING* to get
    it into one of my songs. The problem is,
    Cubase and Gina (my sound card) don\'t seem
    to like Mr. Gigasampler so it SEEMS like using Cubase and Giga on the same machine to
    record is out... ?

    So, I guess my question is: what would be
    the best way to get tracks from my new Piano
    in Giga to the mix in Cubase?

    Any and all insight appreciated.


    ChrisWebber, MVP

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    Re: How are YOU using Gigasampler??

    Like you I\'ve same problem when I tracked My AO Strings to Cubase with Gina. Do you have stutters and sometimes drop out?

    And what\'s about your machine, mine is PII 400 w/ 256 mb RAM, GINA, VST3.71 and Giga 1.6.

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    Re: How are YOU using Gigasampler??

    Are you guys using separate hard drives for your audio and Gigasampler tracks? Do you have the DMA tab checked in the system / hard disk properties page?

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