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Topic: Synth sampling tool, what was it?

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    Synth sampling tool, what was it?

    anyone remember what the tool is for sampling your synth stuff?

    I want to transfer some of my synth sounds to samples. I have my own routiines and scripts built, but I\'m looking for something simpler.

    I\'m sure there are more than one, but I seem to recal one that would, basically, do the process for you

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    Re: Synth sampling tool, what was it?

    found it

    sample move [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I knew chadwick posted it a while ago jsut couldnt remember what it was called.

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    Re: Synth sampling tool, what was it?

    far out, I don\'t even remember posting that...
    Really, I am forgetful

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    Re: Synth sampling tool, what was it?

    Ok, King and Chadwick, could you now go into it more for us who might be interested and didnt see it first time round?

    Let us know how it works for you!

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    Re: Synth sampling tool, what was it?

    hehe sorry Rob,

    I think I\'m gonna skip it, I\'d like something a bit cooler.

    plus only 3 velocities inst cool. I\'d atleast want 4 for some instruments

    what I\'ve done before is set up a long MIDI file that plays a diatonic scale all the way up the keyboard, then switches a patch via program change, and does it again,..add infinity

    I record the playback from the module to a big file, and have wavelab automatically stop and make a new file over time (since its a MIDI file you can tell it to make one every new patch based on how long the MIDI file takes)

    I then auto split with wavelab, and auto assign pitch info, and split it to a new file. Then you can just load the samples in giga, and have it map correctly accross all the keys.

    for looping you can use zero-x seamless looper and be done with it. Obviously its not as cool as the synth patches since you dont have all the filter stuff (all those persing patches become less playable), but for most cases it will be fine. I want it just for ease of use, in some of the \"simple\" music I\'m doing, and to have multiple output from VSTi\'s for lots of effects.

    now what would be cool is if this thing was more like a librarian, and understood the synths in much better detail. allowing oyu to jsut export the actual sound makeup (not jsut stereo mix out) then rebuild the sounds as close as possible with other samplers.... mmm coool.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    didn\'t someone do that with a JV synth and reaktor?

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