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Topic: info on foley techniques

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    info on foley techniques

    hi all,
    i\'m interested in recording some foley sfx to expand my own sfx library. are there any resources, web pages, books, videos etc... that would point me in the right direction as to tip and tricks of the trade.
    i\'m assuming this is a self taught art, to an extent, and there\'s alot of experimentation, but there must be some material out there that will point me in the right direction.


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    Re: info on foley techniques

    I don\'t know of any book. Just get a portable recorder, a nice stereo mic, and start recording.

    The one thing I\'d recommend is keeping notes and slating everything with your voice, as in \"take two, crunching ice cubes,\" etc. It\'s very difficult to sift through stacks of two hour DATs looking for that sound you know you recorded...

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