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Topic: [OT] Where would you go for this DAW opinion?

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    [OT] Where would you go for this DAW opinion?

    Hi guys,

    I don\'t want to hijack \'sample libraries\' by starting a huge discussion about DAWs, I/O and control surfaces, but I think there are a few people here who can at least point me to the right forum in which to ask this question....

    I work with another guy doing TV commercials and station IDs. Although we both have creative musical input, I do the playing and sequencing, while he (although he plays also) does the engineering.

    We record audio through an automated Tascam desk into an Otari Radar, and have finally decided our lives would be much easier if we had many more audio tracks and did a lot of the mixing within the recorder instead of relying on an external desk. Endless tracks and total recall make our mouths water, and we\'re reminded of what we\'re missing out on every time a client asks us to update a track when we\'re in the bowels of another job.

    Pro Tools is a bit pricey for us, and we don\'t need to supply material on anything other than Dats or Cds, so industry compatablity isn\'t important.

    I\'m pretty comfortable with Cubase SX, and have heard mainly good reports comparing Nuendo with PT, so we think Nuendo may be a good way to go.

    The thing I feel least equipped to decide on is what we do about audio interfaces and control surfaces. These days I don\'t see much need for a real desk if you can get an audio interface that has all the right I/O to take care of your average project studio needs.

    As much as I would be happy hunting and pecking to set track levels and draw volume curves, I think my partner is going to want some sliders and virtual channels to hang onto. He\'s not big on multi level menus.

    Can anyone point me to a forum where I could discuss this stuff and get practical answers from experienced users?


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    Re: [OT] Where would you go for this DAW opinion?

    Official Nuendo User Group

    The latest version is reputed to be buggy to the point of unusability. I recently switched from Cubase VST to Logic, but a partner of mine uses Nuendo and is up in arms at the bugginess. (30% CPU usage at an empty template?!?)

    Check out the board (this is the official Nuendo user group) and decide carefully. I think you would be better off considering other options, but that is just my opinion as a non-user.

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    Re: [OT] Where would you go for this DAW opinion?

    I don\'t know of any forums on the subject - other than ones for the various manufacturers.

    Nuendo may very well be your best bet, given your Cubase roots. But, if you\'re looking at Windows, download the Vegas demo and play with it for a few days. It integrates with that little Shuttle controller. I\'m not sure if it works with external slider arrays.

    Overall, I find that Vegas falls to hand intuitively, and has a wide range of features without the need to dig into multi-level menus. And it comes with Acoustic Mirror, so you can use impulse-based reverb. I find that it has that rare combination of an easy learning curve, deep features, and an efficient workflow.

    Nuendo may still be your best bet, but forums will be no substitute for downloading the demos and trying them on for size.

    Good luck in finding the best tool for the job.

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    Re: [OT] Where would you go for this DAW opinion?

    You might want to look at the MusicPlayers.com fora. They have kind of degenerated ovefr the years, but there is still good advice to be had.

    Also mix magazine has started Mix Forums , but they\'re not up yet. That will eventually be the Pro Audio hang, I think.


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    Re: [OT] Where would you go for this DAW opinion?

    If you don\'t need Pro Tools for your work, then I feel you should consider looking at Samplitude. You can download a trial version at www.samplitude.com.

    There\'s also a crossgrade offer where you can get Samplitude 7.0 for $450US.

    I would encourage to look at this program and its benefits, then assess your needs from there, especially since you can download a working version that says for 90 days.

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