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Topic: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

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    Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    I\'m stepping back and reevaluating my reverb again. I\'m still using NFX1.. a bit differently than before, but still using it. I HAVE Acoustic Mirror, and I know there are great methods of using it. I\'m just not quite sure how. A few questions have popped up in my head:

    1) If I use Acoustic Mirror, is it best to dump the music dry to .wav, then open it in SoundForge and apply Acoustic Mirror there? Do I use one impulse on the whole wav? OR.. do I dump groups of instruments together (to wav) and run different impulses on these groups, to get different depths?

    2) If I switch to Acoustic Mirror, what do I use to get my placement of instruments on stage? Left/right is easy enough in the DSP station in Giga, but what about front/rear placement? I\'ve heard King mention SoundStage (as in, Cakewalk Audio FX 3 SoundStage?).

    OK.. so I only had two questions. I know I should probably get hardware reverb, but right now that\'s not an option. I really can\'t spend a dime.. if I do, it\'s going to be on new computer parts because my machine is really showing its age.

    As always, thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    You still have the donation-ware reverb Ambience which is VERY good for what it is. It WILL eat your CPU for lunch though. I think you could probably afford $10-$20 for a small donation.

    And since you already have acoustic mirror, just dig in and start experimenting. There are the impulses for the Lexicon 960 out there free if you do a search (not sure where it\'s at off the top of my head.)

    Oh, I\'d use something other than NFX1 too. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Don\'t remember liking it all that much, and haven\'t touched it in ages.


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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    Here\'s where Vegas is very nice. You can apply Acoustic mirror as a plug in on the individual tracks, or on a bus. You can then mess with it in real time - until you run out of processor.

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    Devon: I actually already grabbed a couple Lexicon impulses.. I\'ll definitely try them out when I get some down time.

    Jon: Hah! Running Acoustic Mirror on a few busses or several tracks would kill my poor 900MHz piece o\' crap. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    I never got Acoustic Mirror working realtime. SIR on the other hand works wonderfully now, and also has a better interface than AM, as well as it\'s actually still being developed

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again


    I\'ll give it a try.. thanks!!

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    heres a site to get some impulses noisevault

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again


    Already went there and grabbed the whole Lexicon PCM90 Hall archive.. can\'t wait to try these out!

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    Hi Sam, I\'m using Acoustic Mirror in Vegas. Instead of running the impulses in realtime though, I send a section, say strings, through acoustic mirror and render that file. I then mute the original dry string track and bring in the impulse file on a new track called something like; \"strings-impulse\"

    There are a few ways to go about getting the sound, Ernest Cholakis mentioned that for the impulses provided for GOS run the wet signal at 0db and the dry at -1 or -2db. It depends on the sound you want though too. The last piece I posted up here a few days ago has GOS strings playing and what you hear is an entirely wet impulse, no dry signal at all.

    For other effects you can also blend in your impulse file with the original dry track. Some percussion and brass seems to work well like this.

    I\'m sticking to Acoustic Mirror as it runs inside of Vegas, but the donation-ware convultion verb is probably the best bet if you are still mixing in your sequencer. Unless you want to render your file in Sound Forge and bring it in as a wav.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Reevaluating my reverb/hall space.. again

    Hi All,

    I\'m reviving this thread because I\'ve finally tried SIR. WOW!!!!! When used with the GOS impulses, the Ernest Cholakis Concert Hall impulses from the last update, the sound is spectacular. The real difference is the clarity I\'ve regained. I never realized what was killing the clarity of my mixes was whatever reverb I\'m using on the mix buss. It didn\'t matter if it was Sonic Timeworks 4080L, Ambience, Logic Platinumverb or whatever else I\'ve tried. They all clouded the mix (except Cakewalk SoundStage for early reflections seems to work well with SIR). SIR with a quality impulse doesn\'t cloud the mix. I hope to post some new mixes later this week that use SIR.

    If anyone knows some good sites to download good impulses for use with SIR please let me know. Thank you.

    Steve Chandler

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