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Topic: Celtic GIGA Library....is it really good?

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    Celtic GIGA Library....is it really good?

    I was browsing soundsonline, and came across the Celtic library again. I\'ve always been impressed with the demo, and the price! I don\'t see any reviews for it, or any awards. Does this library do justice for Celtic sounds? Is it hard to use? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


    Jared Hudson

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    Re: Celtic GIGA Library....is it really good?

    bit of a mixed bag really - solo instruments some good some pointless (Harp, Guitar - I had much better versions in other libraries), bodhran and percussion riffs and hits are great but a bit too close mic\'d for my liking, fiddle\'s OK but could do with a few more articulations. Penny whistle is great too.

    Also - I found some of the tuning a bit dodgy (probably deliberate to add authenticity but I\'d prefer a concert tuned version aswell).

    I used bits and pieces on this track 18months ago - can\'t remember what was doing what now though so don\'t ask! (do remember that the fiddle was doubled up with AO solo violin)


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