The boons and banes of the Prosonus Orchestral Collection have been well-documented on this board. This budget collection has a good variety of sounds, some of which are quite nice, sampled in a pretty nice ambient hall, with accompanying release triggers.

The tuning, however, is worse than a junior high band. Big Fish and Donnie Christian have released .art files that do remedy most of them, but there are still some real skin-crawlers left. The solo violin is one of them. I needed it recently to double another solo violin (saving my pennies for the KH stuff!) and made an .art file to fix the tuning. I can\'t say it\'s perfect, but it\'s better. Right-click the link and \"save target as.\" I don\'t know how to make the file download-on-click.

Prosonus solo violin tuning fix

...just in case it\'s useful to anyone. And it\'s only the vib. sustain instrument that is fixed.