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Topic: SAM Horns Question Please

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    SAM Horns Question Please


    With SAM Horns (main) you can hit a key on the keyboard controller with normal force and get a nice soft normal horn. You can also hit that same key very hard and get quite a different horn...almost like a loud trombone.

    Did the developers mean to have these two sounds generated by the player striking the keys with different velocity?

    Is there anyway to acquire the louder trombone sound without having to hit the keyboard so hard? I need that sound and am bruising my thumbs, and I think probably also damaging my keys. Velocity setting increase on the keyboard does not help.


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    Re: SAM Horns Question Please

    Thanks Craig,

    I\'ll see what I can do with the GS editor. I don\'t have a weighted keyboard, and I literally have to slam the key extremely hard for SAM to recognize it as the \"different\" velocity. Knowing now that this is a puposely designed feature, I\'ll also see if there are any other settings keyboard-wise that might help too.

    Glad you were online, and thanks.

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    Re: SAM Horns Question Please

    I make all mine clicking in the notes on the notator, then manually typing in the velocity I want. Pain in the *** , but neat and organized. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]


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    Re: SAM Horns Question Please

    Your keyboard almost certainly has a response adjustment. That may be the most convenient place to set the resistance, but keep in mind that it will affect all of your instruments. But maybe that\'s what you want. Hopefully it\'s easy to change back and forth.

    I find that some instruments are softer than others, and I need to set my keyboard to a light touch. On the other hand, when playing an overdub to a metronome, I found that a heavier touch allows me to be more precise with my timing on the pianisimo notes.

    Good luck in finding the right settings.

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    Re: SAM Horns Question Please

    Hi Jared,

    I think I used the same process you suggested. I played each note and adjusted the velocity split from 2 bits to 1 bits and received the desired results. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Hi Jon,

    By \"response\", I think you mean velocity? My keyboard only allows adjustments on velocity and aftertouch, neither of which gave the desired effect of switching the sample to the louder horn. Something unexpected was the higher I set the velocity on the keyboard, the softer the horn became! Even though adjusting the velocity split in GS editor works, to your thought, it seems more intuitive that the keyboard controller would help achieve the effect, and I\'ll keep trying some fine tuning using the controller.

    Thank you...

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    Re: SAM Horns Question Please


    If you really only want a varying level of the loud horn, you won\'t achieve that by altering either the preset\'s or the master keyboard\'s velocity curves, and moving the split point can \'cover up\' the soft horn, but not stop the instrument from needing to load the soft samples into its now \'invisible\' soft velocity layer.

    Altering the number of velocity splits so that the soft horn is entirely cut out of the picture was exactly the right thing to do. Now you have a single loud horn sample on each key which responds to the entire velocity range.

    The \'softening \' of the sound when you increased velocity response range is normal. Imagine a sound set with zero velocity response. How loud does it play back? On most keyboards it will play back at full level. How do you apply velocity response to that sound? Basically they have to \'back off\' the level of the sound so that there is \'somewhere for it to go\' when you hit a key with varying force. Hitting a key at maximum force will still usually give you full level response. Perhaps with very little velocity response preogrammed you can play with soft to medium force and get the whole dynamic range from the synth. As you increase the desired velocity range you\'ll find you need to play with more and more force to reach the top of that dynamic range.

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    Re: SAM Horns Question Please

    Hi Chadwick,

    Thanks for the explanation of why increasing controller velocity results in a softer, rather than louder horn. Makes sense.

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