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Topic: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

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    Arrow INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    A Very Brief Suite for Woodwind Quintet
    By David J. Sosnowski

    I. Olive Oil
    II. Basil
    III. Garlic
    IV. Onions
    V. Tomatoes

    To Listen:


    The Recipe:

    Place three tablespoons of virgin olive oil in a small sauce pot and heat
    gently on very low heat. Add a quarter cup of basil, and let it soak in
    the oil for five minutes as the oil warms.

    Add a quarter cup of diced garlic, and turn up the heat a little, until the
    oil barely begins to bubble.

    Then add one-half cup of onions and sauté gently for about five minutes
    or until the onions just begin to brown.

    Add two pounds of (canned or fresh) crushed tomatoes. Bring to a gentle
    boil; then reduce the heat to a very low simmer for about an hour, stirring

    Remove from heat and allow the sauce to rest for a bit; then it's ready to
    serve over the pasta of your choice.

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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    Very yummy indeed. Strange, though; I usually like garlic better than basil, but in this sauce I thought the basil was the tastiest ingredient.
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    Let me join the inevitable chorus of voices which will undoubtedly soon be rising on the forum --

    Let's have a
    BIG Welcome to the new Et Lux piece!

    It's a delectable concoction, my New Englander friend, and the unpredictable and tangy sauce is still bubbling at a perfect simmer as I type my reply.

    It's a saucy adventure in metaphoric sound.

    It's a playful yet delicate romp in the kitchen of the soul.

    It's a teasing taunt, daring me to ask for more.

    It's a tasty, teasing trip much lighter than the titled ingredients may lead one to expect - and therein lies the subtly savory pleasure of hearing it.

    Tip of the hat to you, David. I add my applause to the tumult sure to follow.

    Randy B.

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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    Fantastic as ever David! Wind quintets are one of my favourite genres, and you captured all the wit and melancholy potential in the ensemble. The realisation was also great - particularly since I know you work from a notation program.

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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    Immensly tasty david! And refreshing! It must be the garlic with the onions that made it SO refreshing. And if the tomatos were fresh and not canned, then this sauce will surely be a success!

    I'm just happy all this morning, cause I got this e-mail, that I get once every 3-4 months, and was flooded with happiness and eagerness (is that even a word?) to come here and taste the sauce!


    Such taste in music (and food obviously)
    such aesthetics!
    The recording sounds simply amazing as well. GPO + Finale = winning combination!

    Your humour, your piece, and you have made my whole day (and prolly the whole weekend as well)

    I deeply thank you for that!


    PS. The teacher in me has to step out. So sorry:

    i. Basil, bar 5, flute: the trill clashes with the legato slur
    ii. Basil, bar 10, flute: the 5 and the crescento clash
    iii. between garlic and onions there is an empty page. Is there a reason to that?

    sorry... Just had to mention them...

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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    GPO + Finale = winning combination!

    Indeed, in the hands of Master Chef Sosnowski!

    A real treat, as always David. I shall be coming back for second (and third) helpings of this.

    The clarity of the wind quintet provides an opportunity to dig deeper into the amazing effects you achieve from both a compositional and technical perspective. So I look forward to studying the score as this will be very informative. I'm sure I won't be alone in this request; I would love to know which players / solo patches you've used here please David.

    Waiter .... more sauce please!

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)


    delicious and delightfully playful, as well as deftly spiced.

    Oooh, you are a good cook!

    Listen at: www.soundclick.com/kepeaceusa
    Scores at: http://stores.lulu.com/ke_peace

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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)


    What a change of ensemble pace - after your large orchestral works, this was a surprise. A pleasant, it has to be noted. It's great the way each of the five instruments retains its individual quality and affect, and yet combines with others to create new colors. That may sound obvious, but too often woodwind quintets have a kind "woodwind homogeneity" that is not too interesting. Here, it is fascinating from first note to last. There is a lot of humor and wit here (especially the end of the fourth section), and that is to be savored - much like a good sauce. Me? I'd add some green pepper and mushrooms, perhaps a little red wine to bring out the sweetness of the tomatoes...want to make this eight movements?

    As always, a real pleasure to hear your work. It was a great and happy surprise to see this post.

    All the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    Very cool david. The woodwinds sound just great. So well rendered. Would this sauce work on my corn flakes? This is another marvelous song from you,

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    Re: INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE - Woodwind Quintet (Sosnowski)

    Sauté Chef Sosnowski,

    OK - I put the three tablespoons of olive oil in the pot and turned on the heat. Put in the quart of garlic. Now the whole house reeks! On to music...

    INGREDIENTS IN A SAUCE is a declicious treat. Just the right amount of the various woodwinds blending together together to make this crumptuous musical sauce. I am savoring every note.

    This shows that inspiration comes in the culinary variety.

    What a great idea to have recipe music. You could start a whole new trend.

    Well done (burp!)


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