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Topic: Question about looping in GSEdit

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    Question about looping in GSEdit

    OK, I have a question.. I noticed that simply defining the sustaining loop region in SoundForge is not good enough. GSEdit wants to know the start and end of the loop. (this seems kind of silly to me)

    What kind of units is the GSEdit Start/End in?? As a learning example, I opened up the SAM Horns Looped version. Here\'s the data for one of the notes:

    loop start: 00:00:00.977
    loop end: 00:00:03.800

    loop start: 115212
    loop end: 214632

    Now, in SoundForge, I switched through many different units of measurement.. frames, samples, time, etc. I can\'t reproduce those numbers in GSEdit. Is there some sort of formula for conversion??


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    Re: Question about looping in GSEdit

    It is based on \"SAMPLES\" It should correspond with the Giga edit. You should be able to choose \"edit\" sample in the sample pool area. (right click on a sample) and it will open up that sample, loop and all, in sound fordge. (you have to set up sound fordge as you editor or choice in the edit menu\\preferences in Giga Editor. Once that is done, it should launch SF with that sample in it and see how the loop points are working.

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    Re: Question about looping in GSEdit

    Thanks Dave! Weird, it was not updating the start/end values automatically. I had to right click on the sample in the sample pool and choose \"Properties\" and then check the box for \"Loop Points.\"

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    Re: Question about looping in GSEdit

    I\'ve had the same problem with the updating not happening. I think it must be an editor bug, as it\'s intermittent.

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    Re: Question about looping in GSEdit

    Try \"replace all samples\"

    I\'ve ahd this problem too BTw. Its possible that it can be CAUSED by replace all samples. I never got the time to bug test it to figure out al lthe causal events

    or try a different sample editor. I have good luck with wavelab [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question about looping in GSEdit

    I think it is a setting that will fix this. You have the option of not having the properties update when you import a sample. In the Editor, go to the Edit menu, and go to preferences. There are a couple check boxes in the lower right about updating region properties when editing or replacing samples. I can\'t remember offhand the situations where you would not want these checked but there is a reason for this to be an option instead of hard wired. So, see if experimenting with those helps in this.

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    Re: Question about looping in GSEdit

    incase ou do edits in a sample editor that changes the wave info data [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Forgot about that Dave. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    One thing that happened to me that was weird once was I replaced a bunch of files, but the loop was turned off, the loop info was there, but everything was turned off. Probably something I did, but not sure what it was.

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