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Topic: More input on setting up templates

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    More input on setting up templates

    I am about to setup some templates to hopefully make my writing easier and more organized. I have read the threads on using templates but have some questions that maybe some of you gurus who have been doing this for a while can answer. Here goes:

    Lets take a brass section as an example and assume you are going to use all 4 ports (64 channels) on a GS system for brass alone. I know a lot of this is subject to what you are writing but I want to generate templates that are as general as possible. I also realize that some folks just use patch changes, but lets assume we are not taking that approach:

    1. Would you setup separate solo section samples (i.e. Hns 1-4) and a separate \"unison\" section (i.e. Sam Horns or something like it) for ensemble patches?

    2. Would you share patches on different channels for say legato solo horn 1, 2, 3, or 4 to save memory; or use separate samples for realism and bite the bullet?

    3. Would you separate the samples on legato but share them on staccato or less frequently used patches?

    4. What kinds of samples would you load for layering (i.e. other legato patches, other kinds attacks, bow sounds etc)?

    5. What kind of tradeoffs would you make by using keyswitch combinations or \"lite\" samples?

    6. What kind of absolutes would you set down like alsways using release samples on Legato samples or never using WARM samples to save memory and using EQ to compensate? Others?

    7. For crescendos would you load \"crescendo\" samples or setup your legato samples under mod-wheel control and do it yourself?

    I realize this is always a juggling game between number of channels available, polyphony and memory requirements. I\'m just wondering what kind of tradeoffs people are making. Hopefully this will be helpful to us all


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    Re: More input on setting up templates

    Great topic! I look forward to seeing how some of the experts here work.

    I use a single machine, and my default template puts strings on port 1, ww on port 2, brass on port 3, and perc on port 4. I start with standard sustained articulations and add others as necessary on horizontally adjacent channels in GS (1-5-9-13, 2-6-10-14, etc.) To conserve tracks, I use keyswitch programs whenever possible.


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    Re: More input on setting up templates

    As I am adding another computer (VSL), are there any other expert ideas regarding setting up templates. What allows for the best work flow?


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