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Topic: Diva -- looped samples also, or not?

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    Diva -- looped samples also, or not?

    Just thought I\'d get some opinions as to whether or not you all would find value in having looped versions of all the sustains. Of course, it\'s not realistic, but some people are not aiming for realism, and it\'s sometimes nice to have looped versions as an added option to the sustains that decay naturally. What do you think?

    Hope you guys liked the teaser! This was very very early in the whole process, give it some time after more work has been done and it will sound even better than it does now.

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    Re: Diva -- looped samples also, or not?

    I would say yes to that question. If possible, looped sustained samples would be a great addition. Better be on the safe side aijt? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Diva -- looped samples also, or not?

    It depends on how long before the sample loops. I prefer non-looped samples, but for really long lines, it\'s good to have looped versions if they\'re not too mechanical sounding.

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    Re: Diva -- looped samples also, or not?

    I have no problem with loops which aren\'t apparent, as long as we have as much of the unlooped material as practical before they cut in.

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