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Topic: Converting Akai 5000 series

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    Converting Akai 5000 series

    Can the S-Converter convert an Akai 5000 series sample?

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    Re: Converting Akai 5000 series


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    Re: Converting Akai 5000 series

    Thanks for the to-the-point reply. I was afraid that that would be the case.

    Here\'s my situation. A friend of mine has a 55MB sample that he wants converted to Gig format. The 5000 series allows such big files but the 3000 series (as I understand it) only supports upto 32MB. He may be able to send me 2 separate files: one file of the lower octaves and one of the upper octaves. I could then covert each half to 2 separate Giga files.

    The question is... how tough would it be to merge the two together into one Giga? Is there some quick way that I\'m not thinking of?

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