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Topic: Recorder Demo

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    Recorder Demo

    I sampled a plastic recorder and created a little demo of it .

    But I have no place to post it. Can some one offer 860k of space? I will email it to you and you will put a link here on this thread. OK?

    Chaim Goldman

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    I\'ve just been commissioned by Douglas Warwick, the world reknowned virtuoso, to write a recorder concerto. Where can I get this sample set at?

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    First hear it then decide.

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    Okay, I have to ask: why sample a plastic recorder?

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    Hi Nick,

    I sampled the plastic recorder because that\'s what I have. I just wanted to see how good (or bad) I can sample something.

    This thing is not for sale once you\'ll hear it you\'ll know why. What\'s interesting is, that with a few articulations you can get great realistic sounding results.

    Do you want I should email you the demo?
    I really want someone to upload this for me someplace and link to it from here so every body can enjoy.

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    Although I could not honestly tell you why, I am now very curious to hear his demo. Some one give him a place to upload it!

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    email it here: hentoizenhoward@hotmail.com

    I\'ll upload it for you.

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    Thanks Greatzed, it\'s in your mail box.

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    Re: Recorder Demo

    Thanks Greatzed, it\'s in your mail box.

    Edit: sorry this apeared twice. I only posted once and I can\'t delete it.

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    Re: Recorder Demo


    Sounds pretty darn good for a first attempt! I like it!

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