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Topic: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

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    Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    A question for Nick, Gary, and the other developers here. Two of my friends and I are going to start working together in a music production company. We\'re setting up a combined studio and sharing equipment. What I\'m wondering is, if I were to buy GOS or VOTA for example, would we have to buy 3 licenses to cover that?

    The situation might be that you would hear music with my name on it using these libraries, then you might hear music with one of my friend\'s names on it using one of these libraries. I want to know upfront if this is going to be an issue. If so, we\'ll buy the multiple copies, but it\'s going to take much longer to get this off the ground. Thanks for your input guys.

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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    If you start a company with 3 people using 3 PC\'s you will officially need 3 licenses for the Operating System, 3 for Office and for whatever you use on all 3 machines... I am afraid it will be the same with sequencers, soft-samplers, libraries, etc.

    If you only will be having ONE studio setup with ONE GigaStudio, used by the three of you at separate times, I guess 1 license should be no problem. Kind of \"per CPU\" approach.

    My advice is to check with a friend who is lawyer or legal advisor and to go over a few license statements. Or, take this up with a few of the major distributors. Let\'s hope \"our\" developers will jump in here.



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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    You will definitely need multiple licenses. The sounds are licensed to an indiviidual composer only (that\'s industry-wide policy too)

    This is particularly important, because every developer is very generous in granting unlimited project usage and a lifetime license. To extend these already generous terms that pro composers currently enjoy to go beyond a single user is pretty crazy.

    A lot of companies will work with you on deals for multiple copies/licenses....so just ask the distributors about this.


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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    I\'m a \"studio\". I have people come in my studio and record using my equipment. Does each user of my studio need a license from the sample library to walk out the studio with music they recorded using \"samples\" purchased for the studio?

    I also have employees of my studio who work with clients (in my studio) who work with samples purchased for the studio. Does each employee need a sample license also?

    I would imagine the above scenarios are quite real for alot of studios.

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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    With many/most libraries, yes... they\'ll need their own licenses.

    However, a lot of it depends on the credits of the musical piece. If you are credited as sound engineer (or however you wish to describe it), and the composers never touch the samples themselves, then that is possibly a way to \"get around it\", for the lack of a better term.

    Again, it all depends on the license, so the best bet is to contact each company. Perhaps they\'ll offer you a special license (at a higher cost, of course).

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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    Good responses guys. I\'m still hoping to hear from Nick and Gary, and any other developers on this forum. Frankly, theirs are the two libraries I\'m most concerned about.

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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    Every Composer attached to the library needs his/her own liscence in most cases.

    Most libraries specifically DO NOT allow a studio to \"rent out\" the use of the libraries.

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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    Well, hold on...

    Let\'s make the comparison to say...Office v.X I buy 1 copy and istall it on one of my computers. As far as I know, my friend can come by and use Office on my computer and not have to pay for the license right?

    So, if I have a post house, I own 1 copy of VOTA which is installed on one of the machines. If multiple users are accessing that machine (one at a time) shouldn\'t they be allowed to use those particular sounds as long as they are my employees and no additional copies are distributed and no two people are using the software at once?

    If you compare software to sample libraries and apply the same rules then the law would probably side with me. I am not illegally copying the software, nor am I distributing it.

    Here is another example, I am the owner of a post-house and I purchase VOTA for Jon, my in-house composer. Months later Jon moves on and I hire Sam. Shouldn\'t Sam now be allowed to use the sounds that I own? He is afterall my employee!

    How about this scenario....let\'s say Jon, Sam and Andy form their own scoring company....Ping Pong Musika ™....Jon buys VOTA, SAM buys GOS and Andy buys Stylus. Now Andy is working on a commercial and he needs VOTA....can\'t he just \"hire\" Jon to compose the vocal parts and for all intents and purposes utilize VOTA on his gig? If Nick were to audit Ping Pong Musika™ Andy would just tell him that Jon is the legal owner of VOTA and Jon (and only Jon) composed the part of the music that utilizes the VOTA samples. How could Nick prove otherwise? Once again I would think the law would side with Ping Pong Musika™.

    Sorry....I\'m just getting carried away here, but my point is that as long as no copies are distributed or installed on multiple machines, a corporation should be allowed to give access to the libraries that it owns to its employees and/or partners....right?

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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    Just another quick note....sound effects libraries are used in post production house by multiple sound editors with no additional copies sold to the actual house.

    Soundelux which manufactures the Hollywood Edge series would essentially break its own rules since all of their employees have access to the same library. The guys at Skywalker Ranch apply the same practices there too.

    Are sample libraries following a different set of rules and why?

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    Re: Sample libraries for multiple users - Nick and Gary?

    This is turning into quite a debate. I\'m still hoping to hear from some of the developers on this.

    Also, since the topic of piracy was brought up, I want to make it clear that I am NOT advocating piracy. I am also not looking for a way to \"work around\" the rules. I just want a straight answer because I need to know how much investment we need to make into sample libraries.

    Definitely some good points made so far, though.

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