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Topic: Bowling for Columbine

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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    Yes, I can\'t wait to see it. Michael Moore is brilliant.

    And now for your viewing pleasure:

    Bush...or Chimp?

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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    And for those whose morale is flagging:
    Check these out...

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    Re: Bowling for Columbine


    Thank you it is reassuring to know there are others out there who feel the same way. Soundsmith......the posters are brilliant! Thanks for the link.


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    Bowling for Columbine

    Michael Moore\'s new movie is out. It looks at the gun issue in America, and much more. It\'s funny and brilliant. If it comes to your town, you have to see it. As I am vehemently against George W.\'s phony war, I am posting Rep. Pete Stark\'s statement from the house floor, last week.

    Editor\'s note: Below is the fiery statement delivered on the floor of the
    House Wednesday by veteran California Democrat Rep. Pete Stark.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Oct. 10, 2002 | \"Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution
    (authorizing military force against Iraq). I am deeply troubled that
    may be lost without a meaningful attempt to bring Iraq into compliance
    U.N. resolutions through careful and cautious diplomacy.

    \"The bottom line is I don\'t trust this president and his advisors.

    \"Make no mistake, we are voting on a resolution that grants total
    to the president, who wants to invade a sovereign nation without any
    specific act of provocation. This would authorize the United States to
    as the aggressor for the first time in our history. It sets a precedent
    our nation -- or any ation -- to exercise brute force anywhere in the
    without regard to international law or international consensus.

    \"Congress must not walk in lockstep behind a president who has been so
    callous to proceed without reservation, as if war was of no real

    \"You know, three years ago in December, Molly Ivins, an observer of
    politics, wrote: \'For an upper-class white boy, Bush comes on way too
    At a guess, to make up for being an upper-class white boy.\'

    \"\'Somebody,\' she said, \'should be worrying about how all this could
    affect his
    handling of future encounters with some Saddam Hussein.\' How prophetic,
    Ms. Ivins.

    \"Let us not forget that our president -- our commander in chief -- has
    experience with, or knowledge of, war. In fact, he admits that he was at

    best ambivalent about the Vietnam War. He skirted his own military
    and then failed to serve out his time in the National Guard. And, he
    reported years later that at the height of that conflict in 1968 he
    notice \'any heavy stuff going on.\'\"

    \"So we have a president who thinks foreign territory is the opponent\'s
    dugout and Kashmir is a sweater.

    \"What is most unconscionable is that there is not a shred of evidence to

    justify the certain loss of life. Do the generalized threats and
    of this administration give any one of us in Congress the confidence to
    a mother or father or family that the loss of their child or loved one
    in the name of a just cause?

    \"Is the president\'s need for revenge for the threat once posed to his
    enough to justify the death of any American?

    \"I submit the answer to these questions is no.

    \"Aside from the wisdom of going to war as Bush wants, I am troubled by
    pays for his capricious adventure into world domination. The
    admits to a cost of around $200 billion!

    \"Now, wealthy individuals won\'t pay. They\'ve got big tax cuts already.
    Corporations won\'t pay. They\'ll cook the books and move overseas and
    send their contributions to the Republicans. Rich kids won\'t pay. Their
    daddies will get them deferments as Big George did for George W.

    \"Well then, who will pay?

    \"School kids will pay. There\'ll be no money to keep them from being left
    -- way behind. Seniors will pay. They\'ll pay big time as the Republicans
    Social Security and rob the Trust Fund to pay for the capricious war.
    will be curtailed and drugs will be more unaffordable. And there won\'t
    be any
    money for a drug benefit because Bush will spend it all on the war.

    \"Working folks will pay through loss of job security and bargaining
    Our grandchildren will pay through the degradation of our air and water
    quality. And the entire nation will pay as Bush continues to destroy
    rights, women\'s rights and religious freedom in a rush to phony
    and to courting the messianic Pharisees of the religious right.

    \"The questions before the members of this House and to all Americans are

    immense, but there are clear answers. America is not currently
    confronted by
    a genuine, proven, imminent threat from Iraq. The call for war is wrong.

    \"And what greatly saddens me at this point in our history is my fear
    this entire spectacle has not been planned for the well-being of the
    but for the short-term political interest of our president.

    \"Now, I am also greatly disturbed that many Democratic leaders have also
    political calculation ahead of the president\'s accountability to truth
    reason by supporting this resolution. But, I conclude that the only
    is to vote no on the resolution before us.\"
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    About the writer
    Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., represents the Fremont, Calif., congressional

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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    Originally posted by Bruce A. Richardson:
    Yes, I can\'t wait to see it. Michael Moore is brilliant.
    And now for your viewing pleasure:Bush...or Chimp?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">LOL Bruce! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    Actor Sean Penn Lashes Bush over Iraq War Drums
    October 18, 2002

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Actor Sean Penn on Friday
    weighed in on the international debate over a possible
    war with Iraq, paying for a $56,000 advertisement in
    the Washington Post accusing President Bush of stifling
    debate and threatening civil iberties.

    In an open letter to Bush taking up most of a page in
    the main section of the daily newspaper, the Oscar-
    nominated star of \"I Am Sam\" and \"Dead Man Walking,\"
    urged the president to stop a cycle where \"bombing is
    answered by bombing, mutilation by mutilation, killing
    by killing.\"

    \"I beg you, help save America before yours is a legacy
    of shame and horror,\" Penn wrote, echoing voices of
    caution from around the world that have called for a
    measured response to allegations Iraq is developing
    weapons of mass destruction.

    The letter was signed \"Sincerely, Sean Penn, San
    Francisco, California.\" A spokesman for the Washington
    Post confirmed that it was placed by the Hollywood
    celebrity who has starred in more than 40 movies.

    Quoting Bush\'s declaration that the world was either
    \"with us or against us\" in the war on terrorism
    launched after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Penn, 42,
    said Bush was marginalizing critics, manipulating the
    media and promoting fear.

    Those actions and \"your administration\'s deconstruction
    of civil liberties all contradict the very core of the
    patriotism you claim,\" wrote Penn, who is married to
    actress Robin Wright Penn, and was formerly married to
    pop star Madonna.

    \"Sacrificing American soldiers or innocent civilians in
    an unprecedented preemptive attack on a separate
    sovereign nation may well prove itself a most temporary
    medicine,\" he said.


    I\'m an American tired of American Lies

    Woody Harrelson
    Thursday October 17, 2002
    The Guardian

    The man who drives me to and from work is named Woody
    too. A relief to me, as it minimises the chance of my
    forgetting his name. I call him Woodman and he calls me
    Wood. He has become my best friend here, even though
    he\'s upset that I have quit drinking beer. He\'s smart,
    funny, and there\'s nothing he hasn\'t seen in 33 years
    behind the wheel of his black cab. He drove me for a
    while before I felt confident he liked me; he doesn\'t
    like people easily, especially if they have a rap for
    busting up black cabs.

    Woodman and I agree about a lot of things, but one
    thing we can never agree about is Iraq. He thinks the
    only language Saddam understands is brute force. I
    don\'t believe we should be bombing cities in our quest
    for one man. We\'ve killed a million Iraqis since the
    start of the Gulf war - mostly by blocking humanitarian
    aid. Let\'s stop now. Thankfully, most of the Brits I
    talk to about the war are closer to me than to Woodman.
    Only your prime minister doesn\'t seem to have noticed.

    I have been here three months doing a play in the West
    End. I am having the time of my life. I love England,
    the people, the parks, the theatre. The play is great
    and the audiences have been a dream. Probably I should
    just relax, be happy and talk about the weather, but
    this war is under my skin - it affects my sleep.

    I remember playing basketball with an Iraqi in the late
    80s while Iran and Iraq were at war. I didn\'t know at
    the time that the US and Britain were supplying weapons
    to both sides. I asked why they were always at war with
    each other and he said something that stayed with me:
    \"If it were up to thepeople, there would be peace. It\'s
    the governments that create war.\" And now my government
    is creating its second war in less than a year. No; war
    requires two combatants, so I should say \"its second
    bombing campaign\".

    I went to the White House when Harvey Weinstein was
    showing Clinton the movie Welcome to Sarejevo, which I
    was in. I got a few moments alone with Clinton. Saddam
    throwing out the weapons inspectors was all over the
    news and I asked what he was going to do. His answer
    was very revealing.

    He said: \"Everybody is telling me to bomb him. All the
    military are saying, \'You gotta bomb him.\' But if even
    one innocent person died, I couldn\'t bear it.\" And I
    looked in his eyes and I believed him. Little did I
    know he was blocking humanitarian aid at the time,
    allowing the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

    I am a father, and no amount of propaganda can convince
    me that half a million dead children is acceptable
    \"collateral damage\". The fact is that Saddam Hussein
    was our boy. The CIA helped him to power, as they did
    the Shah of Iran and Noriega and Marcos and the Taliban
    and countless other brutal tyrants. The fact is that
    George Bush Sr continued to supply nerve gas and
    technology to Saddam even after he used it on Iran and
    then the Kurds in Iraq. While the Amnesty International
    report listing countless Saddam atrocities, including
    gassing and torturing Kurds, was sitting on his desk,
    Bush Sr pushed through a $2bn \"agricultural\" loan and
    Thatcher gave hundreds of millions in export credit to
    Saddam. The elder Bush then had the audacity to quote
    the Amnesty reports to garner support for his oil war.

    A decade later, Shrub follows the same line: \"We have
    no quarrel with the Iraqi people.\" I\'m sure half a
    million Iraqi parents are scratching their heads over
    that. I\'m an American tired of lies. And with our
    government, it\'s mostly lies.

    The history taught in our schools is scandalous. We
    grew up believing that Columbus actually discovered
    America. We still celebrate Columbus Day. Columbus was
    after one thing only - gold. As the natives were
    showering him with gifts and kindness, he wrote in his
    diary, \"They do not bear arms...They have no iron ...
    With 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them
    do whatever we want.\"

    Columbus is the perfect symbol of US foreign policy to
    this day.This is a racist and imperialist war. The
    warmongers who stole the White House (you call them
    \"hawks\", but I would never disparage such a fine bird)
    have hijacked a nation\'s grief and turned it into a
    perpetual war on any non-white country they choose to
    describe as terrorist.

    To the men in Washington, the world is just a giant
    Monopoly board. Oddly enough, Americans generally know
    how the government works. The politicians do everything
    they can for the people - the people who put them in
    power. The giant industries that are polluting our
    planet as well as violating human rights worldwide are
    the ones nearest and dearest to the hearts of American

    But in wartime people lose their senses. There are
    flags and yellow ribbons and posters and every media
    outlet is beating the war drum and even sensible people
    can hear nothing else. In the US, God forbid you should
    suggest the war is unjust or that dropping cluster
    bombs from 30,000ft on a city is a cowardly act. When
    TV satirist Bill Maher made some dissenting remarks
    about the bombing of Afghanistan, Disney pulled the
    plug on him. In a country that lauds its freedom of
    speech, a word of dissent can cost you your job.

    I read in a paper here about a woman who held out the
    part of her taxes that would go to the war effort.
    Something like 17%. I like that idea, though in the US
    it would have to be more like 50%. If you consider
    money as a form of energy, then we see half our taxes
    and half the US government\'s energy focused on war and
    weapons of mass destruction.

    Over the past 30 years, this amounts to more than ten
    trillion dollars. Imagine that money going to
    preserving rainforest or contributing to a sustainable
    economy (as opposed to the dinosaur tit we are
    currently in the process of sucking dry).

    I give in to Woodman, and we stop for a few beers. He
    asks me what I\'d do in Bush\'s shoes. Easy: I\'d honour
    Kyoto. Join the world court. I\'d stop subsidising earth
    rapers like Monsanto, Dupont and Exxon. I\'d shut down
    the nuclear power plants. So I already have $200bn
    saved from corporate welfare. I\'d save another $100bn
    by stopping the war on non-corporate drugs. And I\'d cut
    the defence budget in half so they\'d have to get by on
    a measly $200bn a year. I\'ve already saved half a
    billion bucks by saying no to polluters and warmongers.

    Then I\'d give $300bn back to the taxpayers. I\'d take
    the rest and pay the people teaching our children what
    they deserve. I\'d put $100bn into alternative fuels and
    renewable energy. I\'d revive the Chemurgy movement,
    which made the farmer the root of the economy, and make
    paper and fuel from wheat straw, rice straw and hemp.
    Not only would I attend, I\'d sponsor the next Earth
    Summit. And, of course, I\'d give myself a fat raise.

    Woodman drops me at home and I ask if he likes my
    ideas. He offers a reluctant \"yes\". As he pulls away he
    yells out, \"But I\'d never vote for a man who can\'t
    handle a few pints at the end of the day!\"

    Woody Harrelson appears in On an Average Day at the
    Comedy Theatre, Panton Street, London SW1 until
    November 3. Box office: 020-7369 1731.

    Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002

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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    Pardon me ..... but why all this political babble in a sample forum ??

    And one comment about the hollywood talking heads ..... just becasue they have the $$$ and the access to the media does not make their opinions anymore substantial than any other armchair-CNN-wannabe-political-analyst.

    Please find a forum dedicated to politics and the what not, most of us here really could care less.


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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    The discussion if a new war should be started and for what reason, is not \'politics\'. It is the responsibility for everyone in whose name it is to be fought.

    This debate belongs at every dinner table, in every newspaper and magazine, on every TV-channel, on the radio, on the streets, in bars and resturants, and, yes, on this forum.

    Thanks Nick, for the courage, and thanks moderators for allowing the room.


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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    Originally posted by AJF:
    Northernsounds is not a forum for discussing politics!!! Take these discussions elsewhere.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Ironic. Seems to me a newcomer to a community could be a little less boorish.

    We owe each other a little lattitude in topics of discussion, especially in troubled times. I guess I must be getting old. Seems like just yesterday when most artists embraced free discussion.

    If you don\'t like the contents of this thread, feel free to stop reading it. Sheesh.

    Or have a look at these:
    American Crusade Trading Cards

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