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Topic: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

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    Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    This just occured to me this evening when I listened to the E.T. score again. This can not be outdone I think. I dont think Williams ever managed to use his themes in such a variety of ways as he did in E.T. Even though there are not that many themes, you never feel like you\'re hearing the same all over again. The E.T. score is so perfect. Track 1.. need I say more? Noone have ever composed anything as great as this since - if the piece is derived from somewhere else I apologize

    Sorry I came home from a night in town and I just felt like writing this, because I hadnt written it before I left - I had to get it out and hope to find someone who agrees

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    Schindler\'s List...timeless

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    I still think E.T. is a better score. So imaginative and an incredible use of a few themes across the whole score.

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    E.T was a nice hollywood thematic score. It fit the movie well. But I\'d have to agree with jubal. The best scores are the ones that move me, and listening to the main theme for the first time, it\'s really hard not to tear up somewhat. Very awesome.

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    Schindler has my vote as well . A brilliant score.
    I like E.T, but Schindler\'s List was such a heavy duty movie that the score really made it that much more incredible.
    \"I Could Have Done More\" is such a beautiful track.
    Another great score is \"The English Patient\". Wonder why Gabriel Yared doesn\'t get mentioned to much here? He\'s fantastic.

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    Its quite interesting how a score can change when listened to without being attached to a movie.... i.e with schindler\'s list...its such an amazing piece of music that really created an atmosphere, even alone on cd.
    There are not many i can think of that can do this. For me


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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    It turns out that just yesterday I bought the E.T. soundtrack on CD. What a coincidence!

    I must say that it is outstanding music. Incredible the way the instruments talk to each other, keeping a dynamic and fresh feeling. Each instrument\'s personality comes into play.

    Shindler\'s List is good too, but I must side with Simon here. Granted I haven\'t listened to Shindler\'s List since I saw the movie in the theatre, but, is the orchestration much more restricted (mainly string instruments) than E.T.s for example?

    Last, how about Born on the Fourth of July? I\'m surprised no one comments much on John Williams score for this movie. One of my favourites...!

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    I have said enough already I was on my way out when I first replied.

    Here is why Schindler\'s List.

    When I was taking a string writing class, I had to choose four songs and write string parts to harmonize with the melody. One of the songs I chose was a Jewish folk song called \'The Miller\'s Tears\' about the expulsion of Jews from their villages. The first part goes

    Could I but number, The years that slumber
    Since I have been a miller here
    The wheels keep turning slow
    The years, they quickly go
    And now I\'m old and grey, I fear
    The fear

    Well, the melody is quite simple, but there is a rhythm in the melody that continues to invoke the words \'the wheels keep turning slow, the years, they quickly go\' in all of the verses. It makes this folk song quite \'haunting\'.

    I found the same with Schindler\'s List. It took me a while to see the movie, it was one of those that I had to prepare myself to see. I had the score before I even saw it. The emotion in the score, as has been said before, was enough to bring tears to my eyes. The personal involvement and passion that Spielberg put into the film is rivaled by Williams\' score. Together they really stand apart in the movie making enterprise. The solo violin part, played beautifully by Itzhak Perlman, is as much a character in the film as Oskar Schindler.

    Anyway...sorry for the rambling, but it\'s impossible in this case to seperate story from score...and in this case, it shouldn\'t be any other way.

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    I gotta side with Simon on this one. E.T. is just amazing. You want to talk about tearing up? Listen to the last 5 minutes of the soundtrack. Every time I get to the \"I\'ll be right here!\" part I practically start to bawl.

    Ok, that is an exaggeration, but it is powerful stuff. Overall I think I enjoy Empire and Raiders more because I\'m an action movie fan, but for pure emotional content, E.T. is about as good as it gets.

    Funny, I just happened to be listening to it this evening as well!

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    Re: Williams (or anyone else) will never outdo E.T.

    My favorite Williams score is probably Empire of the Sun and Harry Potter. A.I is starting to grow on me as well. Seriously, Harry Potter (although maybe a little repetitive on the theme in the movie) is an incredible achievement and shows signs of even more(!) maturity in Williams\' compositions. Pretty darn amazing, that\'s what it is. E.T is also incredible, and so is the Indy series, Far & Away, Jaws 2, Star Wars, Jurassic Park 2 (That action music blows me away, easily my favorite action music writing ever, although The Mummy Returns has some incredible action music by Silvestri.)

    As for schindler\'s list I don\'t think the orchestration was that original and interesting as in, say Harry Potter. Still an enjoyable score nevertheless. The emotional musical contents of Empire of the Sun has a much more profound impact on me.

    I love fantasy movies. I dislike most sci-fi movies for some reason I cannot explain. A.I is an exception. Star Wars/Star Trek/Babylon 5 and all that stuff just annoys me. The music is usually good though, which is a plus when trying to sit through the movie

    Williams is incredible, but Simon, he\'s got loads of experience and a great education. The man knows what music is about, inside out. He knows all the theory that is necessary to break rules on a conscious level, and he knows what sounds good and what does not, to a much larger degree than us mere mortals. A lot of the time he is practically playing with musical theory. It is a delight.


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