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Topic: Possible .gig to .sf2...?

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    Possible .gig to .sf2...?

    I have some .gigs I need to translate to soundfonts. I have translator giga edition but it\'s not letting me do the translation.

    Is it actually possible to translate gig to .sf2?
    The other way around is ok.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Re: Possible .gig to .sf2...?

    I\'ve been wondering this, myself. I tried translating some different .gig files to .sf2 files in CDXtract, and it just freezes the program.

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    Re: Possible .gig to .sf2...?

    Well, CDExtract and Awave can tranlate gig to sf2, but if the original gig uses advanced features of the format, as sample crossfading and so, the translation will not be of any use.

    In those cases i end up ripping the samples from the gig and building the sf2\'s from scratch.

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    Re: Possible .gig to .sf2...?

    Yeah, I do that too. It takes a lot of time, though.

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    Re: Possible .gig to .sf2...?

    Thanks. I\'ll try Xtract.

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