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Topic: Copying DVDs into imovie

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    Copying DVDs into imovie

    Hello All,

    Quick question. I am trying to figure out a way to copy DVDs and/or VHS Cassettes into imovie. I am strictly doing this to create my own demo reel using my music over certain scenes. So, I don\'t think there should be any legal issues in doing this. I am using an ADVC 100 as my converter. Right now when I try to digitize a scene from VHS the picture quality is extremely poor. I\'m assuming that this is due to the encoding that is embedded in the tape to prevent copying. Anyone know of any software and/or hardware products that will alleviate this problem? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Copying DVDs into imovie

    How does it work when transferring DVD analog? I have no experience with the ADVC-100, but have been considering a capture device for transferring TIVO files to DVD-R. The ADVC-100 was on my list. This is supposed to be a very good, low-priced capture device. The reviews I have read have been very good.

    Have you had good results capturing video from sources other than commercially released VHS tapes?

    The only other alternative I can think of is to use insanely priced professional capture cards. And we audio folks think we have it bad.....

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    Re: Copying DVDs into imovie

    If the quality problem is a video loss of sync, then you\'re running into Macrovision copy protection. A professional \"Proc Amp\" like a Grass 7500 will strip this out, but they aren\'t cheap.

    For audio only, there\'s no copy protection on analog outputs. It should connect direct to your audio card inputs.

    For recording video off of Satelite (no Macrovision) I connect a DV cam and record to DV tape. I then capture to disk using Firewire. It\'s two steps, but I already have the DV cam. I\'d have to buy another converter to record direct to disk. The results are great. (DV has 5:1 compression, while MPEG-2 is around 50:1).

    Finally, you can do a google search for DVD Rippers. Haven\'t tried any myself.

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    Re: Copying DVDs into imovie

    Do you intend to send this to prospective clients? That could be risky.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'ve talked to some other composers about this and everyone seems to think that this should be ok as long as you include a clause that states you are not the original composer for these clips and that this reel is for promotional purposes only.

    Hey just noticed that you are from MN as well. Nice to see some local guys in this group.

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    Re: Copying DVDs into imovie

    I have had great results in capturing non commercially released VHS Tapes. If you are only needing a capture device for audio purposes then I would definately recommend this device. I know a lot of composers out there are using the ADVC-100 and are quite happy with it. Good luck.


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