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Topic: This is good-bye.

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    This is good-bye.

    Hi, everyone.

    I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how wonderful it was interacting with you this last year. Unfortunately, I am no longer employed by NOTION, and won't be representing them on this forum. My friend and former colleague Kyle has already started posting, and you can trust him to give you any information you may need. I'll check in on occasion as a civilian, and good luck in your respective musical ventures.

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    Re: This is good-bye.

    Gotta ask Jason, what will you be doing from here on out?



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    Re: This is good-bye.

    Bestwishes Jason, you have been very helpful, and I appreciate it.
    John OLoughlin

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    Re: This is good-bye.

    Jason, good luck and all the best for you.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: This is good-bye.


    I have appreciated your regular and informative information which you have delivered on this thread. Good luck in your new ventures.
    Thanks again!

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