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Topic: GS + AP2496 + MIDI setup question

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    GS + AP2496 + MIDI setup question


    I am having trouble receiving MIDI on my Audiophile 2496 in GS. It works in other applications but not GS.

    So I am thinking that maybe I have configured GS wrong, but no matter what I am trying to change I still can\'t hear any instruments when playing my keyboard.

    Can someone help?


    Ben H

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    Re: GS + AP2496 + MIDI setup question

    YOu got the first step right so far wich is to see if the MIDI works on other programs. Looks like it does.

    When you boot up GigaStudio, are the MIDI ports greyed out or a nice shade of green? Grey is bad. Green is good.

    Go to settings/hardware settings tab in GigaStudio and make sure that the MIDI input is indeed set on the MIDI port/ports you want to use. If not, set them and then hit apply. Sometimes it helps to then shut down Giga and open it again.

    If the MIDI is working, at least one of the ports should light up red when you play the keyboard.

    Also, make sure you are loading instruments to the correct port and MIDI channel. Alot of times, you will think you are loading to port one channel one but you have port 2 or 3 selected and you are loading to channel one but on port 3.

    Let us know if any of this helps

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    Re: GS + AP2496 + MIDI setup question


    (why fix it if it works),And it works, AP2496, GS96,Home Studio 2004, W2M [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]. I have nice green indicators for both ports, until I load (from Giga) HomeStudio. Then, while BOTH ports are working fine, one of the ports, usually Port 2, turns permanently red,while Port 1 is blinking from green to red as events are occuring on Port 1, which I think how it should be. But, (even your excellent Master do not mentions this) why does Port 2 turn red with the sequencer loaded?
    Thanks, and thanks for your allways good advise and comments.


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    Re: GS + AP2496 + MIDI setup question

    when using my Darla20 card the ports were greyed out.. then I installed my Audiophile2496 an it seems to work now without any additional fixes.. I did however find this.. check it out

    http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.faq&ID=97471625e3ee2bc71e 79b2603d396d0f

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