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Topic: Gstudio 3 - Easier editing?

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    Gstudio 3 - Easier editing?

    I\'m curious to find out whether GS 3 will have easier editing? I absolutely hate the Gstudio editor (if it loads at all, that is), and really like the way the EXS routing is setup.
    It is very easy for instance to turn a program that has velocity switching into one that crossfades between those layers with the modulation wheel; it is literally 2 clicks to set that up (change vel.-> sampleselect. to Ctrl1.->Sampleselect. and set the x-fade factor to 50).

    Does G3 allow this sort of editing? Is there a new modulation matrix that can be setup from withing Gs3 itself without having to go to the editor?



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    Re: Gstudio 3 - Easier editing?

    I wouldn\'t be surprised if the editing tool hasn\'t changed much at all. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Gstudio 3 - Easier editing?

    from what I\'ve seen, you\'ll be able to do some \"simple\" edits, like ADSR, and some Dimension controller optiojns, without the Giga Editor, but mapping and major tweaking will require the editor

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