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Topic: GS3 (Subsequent Copies) oh boy....

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    GS3 (Subsequent Copies) oh boy....

    Manufacturer\'s Suggested Retail Site License Pricing

    GigaStudio 3 Orchestra First Copy: $599
    Subsequent Copies: $379

    GigaStudio 3 Ensemble First Copy: $369
    Subsequent Copies: $249
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Does this mean one copy can not be used on multiple PCS? Does anyone have any info?
    Or would this apply to a more of a Production House scenario where there are multiple composers under one roof?

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    Re: GS3 (Subsequent Copies) oh boy....

    It\'s probably just like the other samplers (Kontakt, Halion and probably more) where you\'re allowed to use it on one machine only. Kontakt may be installed on two machines but you\'re not allowed to use them simultaneously.


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