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Topic: Win XP 64 bit edition and Gigastudio

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    Re: Win XP 64 bit edition and Gigastudio

    From what I hear, as this stuff comes out, the programers should be optimizing 3.x to take advantage of this extra RAM capability. 3.0 will come out soon and be 32 bit compatible. A 64 bit version would be after that (3.x) but they do intend to make that work as soon as possible because we need alot more RAM these days!


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    Win XP 64 bit edition and Gigastudio

    I\'ve just been made aware of the 64 bit edition of WinXP coming up on the horizon. Apparantly this OS will allow for 16 gigabytes of memory as opposed to WinXP Pro\'s 4. How is this, if at all, going to affect Gigastudio 3.0?

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