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Topic: New info about GIGA STUDIO

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    New info about GIGA STUDIO

    Hi People
    I just talked to Nemesys about the giga studio and I got a little info about it that I want to share with you . The giga studio will give you 160 voice polyphony, but the tech that I talked to said they got that many voices running it on a AMD 800 athalon k7 . I mentioned that I have a pen 3 450 and my friend has a 600 pen 3 , and he said the pen 450 should get about 96 voices and the Pen 3 600 about 128.
    Also he mentioned that the upgrade from giga sampler to giga studio is $149 . The full version without upgrading from giga sampler is $699[ I guess thats retail] . Also you probably have heard that it will have real time effects and will record and play back multrack digital audio in one intergrated enviroment. Sounds groovey

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    Re: New info about GIGA STUDIO

    Running on Wpport native 2000 will it support native SMP.

    Also will the new 7200RPM IDE HD be able to keep up or is scsi still needed?

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    Re: New info about GIGA STUDIO

    Does it mean that Athlon processors are preferred over Pentiums or doesn\'t it make a difference? And how about multiprocessor support?

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    Re: New info about GIGA STUDIO

    Multi processor support (SMP) is an operating system issue. Any application that can run on Win2K can run on an SMP system.

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    Re: New info about GIGA STUDIO

    you\'re right Bill,

    I ment will Gigastudio be multithreaded?


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