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Topic: Noise problem. Dave perhaps???

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    Noise problem. Dave perhaps???

    Updated to XP Pro on Giga machines and ever since had problems with all the reverb and echo effects on Giga giving out hisssssssss as soon as I start to raise the “effect fader” on the Giga effect unit. NFX 4 is perfectly clean though. Could there be a problem with the older effects because of the upgrade to XP Pro? There was never a problem with 98se. Well there was actually, all Gigas hissed like crazy until we unchecked dither on each Giga. Silent as a mouse, until now.

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    Re: Noise problem. Dave perhaps???

    I assume the dither is still turned off? Sometimes things reset when upgrading. The only other thing I can think of off hand is checking that you have the latest (or at least the best working,) drivers for the audio card to work with Giga in XP.
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    Re: Noise problem. Dave perhaps???

    Good grief Dave, I didn’t expect such a speedy reply, you must work longer hours than I do

    Gone through the complete system and dither off on all.
    All Frontier sound cards, latest drivers and defiantly only the earlier Giga effects giving the noise. As I said, the latest NFX 4 works like a dream.
    On the reverb and echo effects units, it’s like turning a switch on when I start to slide the “effect” fader up. Constant noise with no variation after initial switch on. Then off when fader gets just a little way from the bottom.
    Thanks for getting back.

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    Re: Noise problem. Dave perhaps???

    Its driving me nuts!
    Here is the latest. As above but!! Unload all effects, enable dither and the noise appears. Uncheck and it goes. Even with no instruments loaded, it comes and goes with dither on and off. With dither off, and effect fader of reverb effects up a little, Hissssssssssssss again

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