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Topic: Able to load the same amount of instruments in GS3?

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    Able to load the same amount of instruments in GS3?

    Does anyone know if I will be able to load the same amount of instrument patches in GS3 compared to GS 2, supposing i\'m not using any fx in it.

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    Re: Able to load the same amount of instruments in GS3?

    As I recall, the answer is \"yes\" - even at 24-bits.

    Apparently they have a lossless compression scheme that will give the same efficiency with 24-bits as we do now with 16. Maybe we can open and save our existing gigs and compress them.

    As far as the memory usage, I don\'t know. It seems like we can\'t get much over 1GB worth of sample heads in RAM right now - even with 1.5 GB or more RAM installed. I don\'t expect much of a lift, but it would be nice to access closer to the 2 GB limit.

    I\'ll visit their booth at NAB in a couple weeks or so. Hopefully, I\'ll get more details.

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    Re: Able to load the same amount of instruments in GS3?

    Several things to keep in mind.

    1. 3.0 uses a little more of a RAM footprint than 2.5 to run so it uses a little more initially.

    2. However, they have been working to optimize the RAM usage so it should at least match what people have been getting with the various registry tweaks and hopefully exceed that a bit.

    3. The lossless compression has its limitations but in the right circumstances, it works hands down. It require samples that are not too short or looped. Very short and looped samples will not benefit from it. However, longer unlooped samples do compress in size and they take less of a polyphony hit than the raw versions. The compression tool will automatically convert what it can and give you a report of how it went. There is true lossless 24 bit and 16 bit compression but there is also an options to compress even more with slight but likely, impercievable loss. Its technically lossy but you should not hear it depending on the material. A developer would just experiment with a couple of the lossy settings to see how they work and if its sounds fine, then even better. The true lossless compression is litterally bit for bit lossless but you might not be able to hear the differences with the even better but technically lossy compression. Anyway, this will help with disk space and throughput and polyphony but I don\'t think it will use less RAM though.

    4. 64 bit OS and hardware should change all the rules with the possibility of accessing up to 16 gigs or RAM. Until then, we will be limited to whatever can be accessed of 2 Gigs.

    Hope that helps

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