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Topic: midiox with giga?

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    midiox with giga?

    how do i use midiox to effect my samples in giga? i cant figure out what i have to change to use my breath controller....

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    Re: midiox with giga?

    We\'ll see if we can get Kevin (Pmuse) to answer that. The first thing though is to make sure you are using either win98SE or XP pro. With 95, 98,winXP Home, you get that MIDI port limitation and that screws you real bad.


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    Re: midiox with giga?

    damn it. i didnt kno that. so i gotta change my operating system to use that function?

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    Re: midiox with giga?

    I would suggest not having midi ox or midi yoke on a W2K or XP system if you are going to use Gigastudio.

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    Re: midiox with giga?

    any suggestions on what i should do? i\'ve never changed out a operating system before. i really wanna use my breath controller...

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