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Topic: Finale Forum shut me down!

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    Finale Forum shut me down!

    I can\'t know for sure, but it sure looks like I\'ve been disappeared! I posted last week to the Finale website: my heading was \"Finale 2004: Is It Ready For Primetime?\" I\'d seen a number of postings indicating to me that there were things to be concerned about & I was trying to hear what sort of problems people were having. Next thing I know my post is erased AND the entire forum format is reconfigured AND my attempts to log on are blocked. I\'m no conspiracy theorist, but this is very odd.

    In the interests of free speech, is anyone out there using Finale 2004 (either OS 9 or OS 10) on a MAC? I\'m interested in the \"human playback\" feature - which seems to be Finale\'s attempt to keep up with Sibelius. I was thinking of taking the plunge & updating but now I have this additional concern: who am I dealing with, here - the Mafia?

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    Re: Finale Forum shut me down!

    Hi Clark,

    I don’t think Minnesota is a hot bed of Mafia activity. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Probably just a fluke.

    In terms of human playback, I think it can help, but it’s really designed to work with a single sample set per instrument, not the myriad of articulations found in the Giga world.

    So, for instance, if you put “stac” in you score, human playback would interpret that by playing a short note. With GS, you’d want to switch to a set of samples that were actually PLAYED staccato.


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    Re: Finale Forum shut me down!


    Would you check your private message? I am interested in how you use expressions in Finale to trigger articulations in Giga. Are you using channel changes? Is there a quick way to do this?


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    Re: Finale Forum shut me down!

    Bill, Terry, anybody else who\'s using this kind of set-up (Finale running Gigastudio), I am curious. My current studio set-up is built around a hardware sampler & several modules. But being a notation-program-guy, I am very curious if anyone is having success with GS run from Finale.

    I\'ll copy this to a new thread, as this subject-heading is a bit off-topic.

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