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Topic: Major problems loading multiple .GIG files

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    Major problems loading multiple .GIG files

    I have built an entire Giga setup for the purpose of using the White Grand piano samples in a live/permanent stage setup. I am playing an older Mark series Kurzweil full sized keyboard. I have a big problem...when I load in multiple GIG files (the White Grand requires 4) the keyboard changes all 4 ports back to one GIG file after I play for a minute. I have done all I can to think of what signal this keyboard is sending to GigaStudio to make it change like this. Does anyone know if this is a simple settings prob with the keyboard or signs that this thing is broke? Also, this problem only happens with this keyboard, but I have no choice...I have to use it. Thanks for any help!

    John Presley

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    Re: Major problems loading multiple .GIG files

    Its probably just sending a patch change. That will zap the Giga instruments alright. See if you can disable program changes that might be sent from the keyboard.

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    Re: Major problems loading multiple .GIG files

    If you don\'t have a manual, you might try contacting Kurzweil Tech Support:


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